CCTREE PLA Filament - 1.75mm

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1kg Spools of CCTREE ABS Filament – Designed for excellent quality at the most affordable prices in South Africa, and available in both PLA and ABS.

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CCTREE PLA filament is the new kid on the block. Fast becoming known as the go-to affordable filament, which prints reliably and packs a punch when it comes to quality, smooth print finishes.  If you are looking for a daily driver filament which offers great printing results every time - while not breaking the bank - CCTree is for you.

PLA (Polylactic Acid) is a biodegradable thermoplastic which is derived from renewable organic resources such as sugarcane and corn starch. This makes PLA the most eco-friendly plastic to print with when compared to other petrochemical based filament options.

PLA is by far the most commonly used 3D printer filament in the world, partially due to its above mentioned environmental friendliness, but mostly because it is extremely easy to use and print with. PLA is great for beginners who are just getting started, as it has a low shrinkage factor compared to ABS or Nylon and doesn’t need an enclosure to print large objects - which are typically prone to warping or layer separation.

A heated bed is not essential, but if used and set to a temperature of 50-70˚C, a heated build surface can aid print quality and bed adhesion. Commonly used bed adhesion aids for PLA filament include Blue Painters tape (masking tape), cheap hairspray, Kapton Tape, PEI and BuildTak. PLA’s glass transition temperature (when it starts getting soft and malleable) is around 50˚C, and is extruded at a temperature between 190-220˚C. Printing small or detailed parts will require a part cooling fan for optimal results.


Technical Specifications:

  • Brand


  • Material

- PLA (Polylactic Acid)

  • Filament Diameter

- 1.75mm

  • Diameter Tolerance

-  +/- 0.05mm

  • Filament Net Weight

- 1Kg

  • Recommended Print Temperature

- 190-220˚C

  • Spool Size (OD x W)

- 200mm x 68mm

  • Spool Hub Diameter

- 55mm

  • Packaged Weight

- 1.5Kg

Plastic Type PLA
Plastic Diameter 1.75mm
Plastic Weight 1kg

Awesome Filament!

I love this filament, it just works great, looks great and costs very little. Very much recommended!


Great Filament

I have bought 6 rolls and love it! I have found that 200deg is the perfect temp for me. I will keep using CCTREE and look forward to trying out the CCTREE ABS



I have printed 2 rolls so far. Very happy with the quality. Only used the black filament and it has a shiny finish. Really nice filament for the low price.

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An excellent low-cost option

The CCTree range of PLA filaments print fairly well, with a pleasant, slightly matte surface finish (as opposed to the high gloss achieved by some specialty filaments). Temperatures are low-to-mild for PLA, allowing printing as low as 170 degrees for some filaments, if done slowly, and flows well during faster prints at 190-200 degrees. It is much less stringy than many other PLA blends, though the colours are perhaps a touch less vibrant, and the interlayer strength is slightly lower than some other PLA variants. More than most, this PLA benefits greatly from a heated bed, with virtually no warping or curling if printed on a 55 degree bed. Do note, however, that it does not like excessive build plate temperature, and will "collapse" along the outer wall if subjected to high bed temperatures. Sugar water is sufficient for excellent adhesion, though it prints well on PVA glue and PRITT or similar glue sticks, too, and even sticks well to clean glass, provided that it has been properly levelled. It shows medium sensitivity to moisture, slightly more so than most PLA, having absorbed roughly 2g worth of water over 5 days outside. This suggests using some variety of filament container could be very beneficial, but should not be necessary for all but the oldest of spools. Strength overall is middle-of-the-line for PLA, exceeding most no-name brands, but still well below or matterhackers custom blends. It responds well to annealing in a water bath at 60 degrees, with ~30% greater strength, at the expense of roughly 4% growth along the Z-axis and approximately 3% shrinkage along the XY axes. All in all, an excellent contender for the low price, and a very good everyday filament for general work.

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Cheapest price I've found online in South Africa. Seems to print really well so far (I've only run a couple calibration cubes to get temperatures etc. sorted). Definitely worth a buy! Paying was easy and secure and the shipping only took two days even though I live kinda in the middle of nowhere. Great product, will definitely buy again!

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Great Filament

Great filament for everyday printing.

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As close to eSun PLA+ as you can get

I have printed through about 4 rolls of this stuff and so far I have really enjoyed it. It prints well with a great glossy finish. The colours could be a little more vibrant but at R200 p/kg who am I to complain.

One thing that must be said is that from those 4 rolls, the silver seemed to have absorbed moisture. I am not exactly sure how that happened seeing as it is PLA and it hasnt been soaked in water; but it has only happened to the silver. Be wary of this if you require high quality silver prints.

All in all though, a great cheap filament. I hope that DIY keep bringing it in. In fact, bring more now!

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CCTREE PLA - REAL Value for My Money

I`m a novice (only been in for about 9 weeks) and have used PETG, eSUN PLA, eSUN PLA+ and finished 1 spool of CCTREE Red in about a week. Just started on CCTREE Yellow and it is awesome. Easy and clean. From now I`ll only use other brands when CCTREE is not available.


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I have used the PLA, works excellent, I have tried the silver, gold and black, all have performed really well and I am pleasantly surprised.

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Good Quality Stuff

With a little bit of tweaking this stuff prints really great, I tested 3 colours and all of them printed consistently without any issues. For this price the filament is fantastic, I'll definitely be turning to this filament for those large prints that can be costly if they fail.

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