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MKS SBase V1.3 Smoothie Board



The MKS SBase V1.3 Smoothie Board is an upgrade from previous models, with many minor improvements, a more reliable crystal and WiFi module capabilities.

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The MKS SBase V1.3 Smoothie Board is based on the open-hardware Smoothie Board design, and is made to act as a unified controller for stepper drivers and many other components that would typically be used for CNC machining and 3D Printing. It offers 5 Stepper Motor outputs, LCD ports for a RAMPS Graphical or MKS TFT Touch Screen, a hotbed thermistor port, 2 extruder thermistor ports, as well as 6 ports for limit switches. It also features power supply ports for the hotbed, extruder and fan, with three different input methods for controlling the board via USB, over Ethernet or with a MicroSD card.

This plethora of ports, inputs and outputs enable you to build entire DIY CNC machines or 3D Printers without having to connect multiple controllers together, and helps to reduce the complicated wiring, unnecessary components and space wastage that would typically be required if you were using numerous individual parts. The MKS SBase V1.3 also includes WiFi module compatibility, which is relatively new to these boards, allowing them to be operated remotely via an application from anywhere in the world, as long as it is connected to an internet source.

In addition to a variety of minor performance and component quality upgrades, the V1.3 board has been upgraded with a faster, more reliable crystal. This has removed the old problem of slow or hanging ethernet communication, and caters to the prevalent S3D G-Code problems that owners of previous models would commonly complain about. These improvements have almost perfected the board, and have made it a worthy competitor when compared to similar Smoothie Board controllers like the 5xC Controller Boards and Tri-Gorilla Control Boards.


MKS SBase V1.3 Smoothie Board  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Maunfacturer

– MakerBase                                                             

  • Main Control Chip

– 32bit 100M Cortex-M3 MCU-LPC 1768

  • Input Power

– 12 to 24V DC

  • Stepper Motor Drivers

– 5 x DRV8825 with 32-Microstep Support

  • LCD Support

– Yes

  • Hotbed Thermistor Outputs

– 1

  • Extruder Thermistor Outputs

– 2

  • Limit Switch Inputs

– 6

  • Power Supply Ports

– 1 x Hotbed / 2 x Extruder / 1 x Fan

  • Connection Methods

– Ethernet / USB / TF Card / TFT-WiFi


Typical Applications for the MKS SBase V1.3 Smoothie Board:

The wide range of different ports and outputs that the MKS SBase V1.3 Smoothie Board allows it to be used for all kinds of different applications involving stepper motors, thermistors and other components. This is what makes them ideal for CNC machines and 3D printers, especially high-speed Delta-style printers, which require multiple components and parts to work in unison to produce accurate and reliable results. Fortunately, all of these different components and parts can be controlled via a single controller board, which is what makes the MKS SBase V1.3 so effective.

It features a range of minor upgrades focused on component quality and operating efficiency, while also offering new major upgrades like WiFi module compatibility and a crystal upgrade from the previous QRA26B25.0000MFT2C2F with CSTCE25M0V53-R0, to the newer, more reliable CSTCE12M0V53-R0 with QRA26B12.0000MFT2C2F – which removes the old problems of ethernet lag and S3D G-Code complications.


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MKS SBase V1.3 Smoothie Board

MKS SBase V1.3 Smoothie Board