New VL2020 3V 20mAh Lithium Coin Cell Battery - Front Expand

VL2020 3V 20mAh Lithium Coin Cell Battery



These rechargeable VL2020 Lithium Coin Cells are perfect for extra-tiny electronics, and provide 20mAh at 3V to keep your low-power projects powered.

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Working with very tiny Electronics is awesome, and demands a high level of skill that takes time and effort to ascertain. However, powering such tiny projects is not always easy, and oftentimes users struggle with fitting massive batteries into tiny little enclosures. This is why, in addition to rechargeable Li-Po / Li-Ion Batteries and standard AA and AAA batteries, we also stock tiny Coin Cell Batteries like this VL2020 3V 20mAh Lithium Coin Cell, which is only 20mm in diameter and 2mm in height, lending itself well to small-scale electronics that need to stay powered, but don’t require much power to operate efficiency.


VL2020 3V 20mAh Lithium Coin Cell Battery  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer

– Panasonic                                                    

  • Nominal Voltage

– 3V

  • Cut-Off Voltage

– 2V

  • Nominal Capacity

– 20mAh

  • Negative Electrode

– Lithium

  • Positive Electrode

– Manganese-Dioxide

  • Electrode Solder Tabs

– Included on Both Sides

  • Rechargeable

– Yes

  • Operating Temperatures

– -20° to +70°C

  • Cell Diameter

– 20mm

  • Cell Height

– 2mm


Typical Applications for these VL2020 3V 20mAh Lithium Coin Cell Batteries:

One of the most predominant benefits associated with these coin cell batteries is their tiny size, as they can be fitted into very small enclosures in order to maintain enough battery power to keep logic level electronics running for quite a long time typically. This makes them perfect for electronics in which aesthetics are important, and this is precisely why they are often found in accessories like watches, as well as wearable tech like hearing aids or similar small devices. However, despite what you would expect from typical rechargeable batteries, VL2020 are more often than not replaced simply due to old age and wear and tear, rather than because of the number of charging/recharging cycles that they go through.

If you love working with tiny-scale electronics that demand tight-fitting components for extra-small enclosures, these VL2020 3V 20mAh Lithium Coin Cell Batteries are the perfect solutions for keeping your projects powered and ready to deliver. However, if you’re looking for longer-lasting batteries with much more power, and can afford the spatial requirements of larger batteries, be sure to check through our entire Batteries Category to find the ideal one for your particular applications.


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VL2020 3V 20mAh Lithium Coin Cell Battery

VL2020 3V 20mAh Lithium Coin Cell Battery