4pin Dupoint Cable Female to Male - 32cm Expand

Dupont Cable F/M - 32cm 4 Pin



These sets of 32cm Female to Male 4Pin DuPont Cables fit the Ramps, Rumba and Rambo Controller Boards for CNC machines and 3D Printers.

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When building your own DIY gadgets and machines like 3D Printers or CNC milling machines, you will need to connect your RAMPS, Rumba, Rambo or similar PCB or Shields with connector cables or jumper wires. This is primarily why we stock these 32cm Female to Male 4Pin DuPont Cables, as they are the ideal fit for almost any RAMPS control board application, but can also be used for Prototyping and various other applications as well.

Within prototyping, these cables can be used to connect male pins to female headers, or can be cut or joined with others to create cables specific to your needs. We have chosen to stock cables of 32cm lengths, as these are typically long enough to reach a fair distance, but aren’t too long so as to get in the way with excess. However, if they are too long or too short, simply cut them or connect them with others to find your perfect length.


Technical Specifications:

  • Cable Length

– 32cm

  • Cable Type

– DuPont

  • Header Types

– 4-Pin Female to 4-Pin Male

  • Colour Coding

– Red, White, Green and Black

  • Maximum Voltage Toleration

– 300V


Typical Applications for Female to Male 4-Pin Cables:

These sets of 32cm Female to Male 4-Pin DuPont Cables are commonly sought after for use with RAMPS, Rumba and Rambo controller boards in CNC machines and 3D Printers, although they are also very often used within prototyping and experimentation stages. As such, the types of projects that these are typically involved in are very diverse, as they can be utilised wherever male pins need to connect with female headers. 

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Dupont Cable F/M - 32cm 4 Pin

Dupont Cable F/M - 32cm 4 Pin