Molex 1.25 2-Pin Male and Female Connector Cable Pair Expand

Molex 1.25 2-Pin Male and Female Connector Cable Pair



These Molex PicoBlade 1.25 2-Pin Male and Female Connector Cables come in male and female pairs, and are ideal for various RC connections.

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These pairs of Molex 1.25 2-Pin Male and Female Connector Cables are some of the most commonly used Electronics Cables in RC vehicles, and are primarily used for connecting drivers, ESC Units and other components to batteries. The cables come in pairs, with one featuring a male connector and two bare wires, while the other features a female connector with two bare wires. These pairs can then plug into each other and connect to other Electronics Components via the bare wire ends, giving you a simple to plug/unplug connector that’s capable of relatively high voltage and current.

Because there is some confusion in the world of Molex and JST wires, these connectors are often labelled Micro JST connectors. However, these particular pairs are Molex PicoBlade 1.25mm 2-pin cables, which are specially made to connect RC LiPo Batteries to receiver boards. You can identify this by the positioning of the lugs, with the wide area on the frontend, rather than the back.

While these cables are primarily made for RC batteries, they can also be used for a variety of other Electronics applications, and can even just be a semi-permanent connection that can be easily plugged in or unplugged as necessary, such as for switching between various guitar pickups on the fly.


Molex 1.25 2-Pin Male and Female Connector Cable Pair  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Cable Length (Each Side)

– ±10cm

  • Cable Wire Diameter

– 1.25mm

  • Wire Core

– 7 Section 0.11mm Zinc Copper

  • Wire External Diameter

– 0.9mm

  • Wire Gauge

– 26AWG

  • Number of Pins

– 2


Typical Applications for these Molex PicoBlade Connector Cable Pairs:

These Molex 1.25 2-Pin Male and Female Connector Cable Pairs are a great solution if you are looking for reliable cables to connect RC batteries with RC receivers, control boards or ESC units, but can also be used for a range of other applications as well. In fact, one of our customers even utilises this as a simple connector to quickly switch between two different sets of audio pickups on a guitar.

The cables are very easy to plug and unplug quickly, and the connector heads ensure that they can’t be plugged in the wrong way as well. This makes them ideal for quick and easy connections between a variety of different components, especially due to the relatively high voltage and current capabilities.

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