Wire Wrapping Wire 30AWG, 8 Colours, 280Meters Expand

Wire Wrapping Wire 30AWG, 8 Colours, 280Meters



These 280Meter Rolls of 30AWG Wire Wrapping Wire come in 8 Colours of 35m each, for prototyping highly efficient solderless electronics connections.

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When it comes to creating simple but effective electronics connections during Prototyping or design, these rolls of 30AWG Wire Wrapping Wire are ideal, and come in 8 Colours of 35m each, totalling 280 meters of wire-wrapping wire. This allows you to create solderless connections that are stable, firm and highly efficient, by exerting extreme force on the wires around pins to create cold bonds.

While this technique may be considered old-school for many Electronics enthusiasts and engineers, it is making a firm comeback in modern times due to the highly efficient connections and ease-of-use. And rather than having to flux and solder components with the dangers of heat and fumes, even a young child can learn to effectively wire-wrap components safely.

Despite the simple and easy nature of the technique, it can actually be even more effective than soldered connections. This is because the high force that is used to wrap the Wiring bonds the metals together on many points around the pin, while the lack of solder and high temperatures reduces any chances of corrosion as well.


30AWG Wire Wrapping Wire  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Number of Colours

– 8                                                            

  • Length of Each Colour

– 35 Meters

  • Total Length

– 280 Meters

  • Wire Gauge

– 30AWG

  • Wire Materials

– Tin Plated Copper

  • Wire Diameter

– 0.55mm


Typical Applications for this 8-Colour 30AWG Wire Wrapping Wire:

These 280 meter rolls of 8 Colour 30AWG Wire Wrapping Wire are an excellent choice for anyone interested in electronics Prototyping and design, as they allow Makers to create circuits without the need for Soldering or high temperatures. By simply tightly wrapping the wire around pins with an inexpensive tool, you can create firm, reliable and efficient connections between components. The different colours allow you to identify which components are connected together without having to trace each wire, and the long length ensures you have more than enough wire to fit across almost any PCB as well.


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Wire Wrapping Wire 30AWG, 8 Colours, 280Meters

Wire Wrapping Wire 30AWG, 8 Colours, 280Meters