JST SM 3 Way 1 Row Straight Male Multiway Connector - Cover Expand

JST SM 3 Way 1 Row Straight Male Connector



These high contact-pressure locking JST Multiway Connectors are an excellent choice as strong, reliable connections for low to moderate current projects.

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Creating good connections between various Components, modules and entire parts of a system is an important part of Prototyping and electronics Making, and helps it operate at a high level of efficiency with as little losses or potential problems as possible. However, more often than not, you don’t want to solder everything together or permanently affix certain parts of a system or project, as permanent connections would cause many different problems if just one of the parts breaks or starts giving you hassles.

For such times, we need reliable, high contact pressure connectors like these JST SM Series 3 Way 1 Row Straight Male Connectors, which are designed to form connections that are as good as permanent soldering or affixing, but still allow you to remove various components, Modules or parts as you need to – without taking the entire project apart.

These JST SM Series connectors are an excellent choice for high-contact connections that can be mounted directly onto backplanes and Electronics panels. They are rated for a relatively high 3A current at 250V, making them particularly useful for applications like connecting LED Strips and decorative lighting, with an integrated locking mechanism to keep the connection secure and high quality in regard to carrying clean and stable power and data signals.

Please Note: These units are priced individually but sold in minimum order quantities of ten (10), so as to save on shipping costs and reduce the overall price for each unit.


JST SM 3 Way 1 Row Straight Male Connector  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Model Number

– SMP-03V-BC                                                                  

  • Connector Type

– Plug

  • Connector Series

– JST SM Series

  • Connector Gender

– Male

  • Body Orientation

– Straight

  • Number of Contacts

– 3

  • Number of Rows

– 1

  • Max Voltage Rating

– 250V AC/DC

  • Max Current Rating

– 3A AC/DC

  • Contact Resistance

– 10mΩ to 20mΩ

  • Insulation Resistance

– 500MΩ

  • Withstanding Voltage

– 1500V AC per Minute

  • Pin Pitch

– 2.5mm

  • Wire Gauge Compatibility (AWG)

– 22 to 28  (0.08 to 0.33mm2)

  • Housing Material

– Nylon

  • Dimensions

– 11.7 x 10.5 x 7.4mm


Typical Applications for these JST SM 3 Way 1 Row Straight Male Connectors:

These handy JST SM Connectors are ideal for creating quick and convenient connections that can easily be plugged in or unplugged at will. This makes them great for a relatively wide range of connections, although they are somewhat limited by their max throughput rating of 3A @ 250V. However, for any basic electronics applications, such as creating LED Lighting solutions or similar low-current projects, these have become quite popular over the past few years due to the benefits they offer at a nice low price point.


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JST SM 3 Way 1 Row Straight Male Connector

JST SM 3 Way 1 Row Straight Male Connector