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HDMI to Mini-HDMI Adapter



These HDMI to Mini-HDMI Adapters are perfect for boards like Raspberry Pi Zero, which offer full HDMI capabilities but in a compact form factor.

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HDMI is certainly an awesome protocol, which is capable of nice high definition video, but also includes audio in the protocol as well. However, a full-sized HDMI port is not always reasonably or spatially-savvy, which is why boards like the Raspberry Pi Zero W utilise a mini-HDMI port instead of the full-sized version. This is because a Mini-HDMI offers the exact same video/audio capabilities as full HDMI connectors, but is only a fraction of the size and weight. And while this may not seem important at first glance, when you consider how little space is available on many Development Boards, a smaller port suddenly becomes a genuinely valuable feature – which is precisely why they are often found on small consumer electronics like digital cameras.

This is why we try to always stock handy products like these HDMI to Mini-HDMI Adapters, which are primarily stocked for electronics boards like the Pi Zero W, but can also be used for other applications, including personal projects and Prototyping. They are relatively simple adapters, which perform the basic function of connecting specific pins on the Full HDMI Connector to the correct pins on the Mini-HDMI port. And while you certainly can do this yourself with a Soldering Iron and a keen eye, these adapters offer a far more convenient method, which can also simply be plugged in or unplugged as necessary, according to whatever needs your current project has.


HDMI to Mini-HDMI Adapter  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Port

– Female Full HDMI                        

  • Connector

– Male Mini-HDMI

  • Connection Plating

– Gold


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