HDMI To Micro HDMI Cable - 1m Long, Black - Cover Expand

HDMI To Micro HDMI Cable - 1m Long, Black

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This HDMI To Micro HDMI Cable is the perfect tool for connecting your new Pi 4 with HDMI displays, offering easy conversion from Micro to Full HDMI.

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As we welcome the new Raspberry Pi 4 to the world of Hobbyist Electronics, we can’t help but get excited with all of the awesome new features and functionality that these new – much more powerful – Raspberry Pi Boards offer. However, similarly to getting a brand new toy without batteries, getting a brand new Raspberry Pi 4 Model B without the necessary Pi Accessories to use alongside it can be heart-breaking, and this is why we have taken a strong initiative to get as many awesome Pi-enhancing accessories as possible, to complement the awesomeness of the new Pi 4, and ensure that you have everything you need to not just enjoy your new Pi, but actually utilise the full power and functionality to the max.

This HDMI To Micro HDMI Cable is one such accessory that we know Pi users simply can’t do without, as it allows for Pi Makers to take advantage of the Micro HDMI ports on the Pi 4, to use it on large monitors, HDMI Display Modules, as well as modern televisions, and enjoy a crisp, clear display with a high resolution and up to 4K quality. This allows users to create their own high-definition media stations, Pi-based Laptops (known as Pi-Tops), or even for custom DLP 3D Printers for users who really know what they’re doing.

In addition to offering great functionality for the Pi 4, these cables can also be used for any applications requiring full HDMI to Micro HDMI conversion, and you could even use this cable to turn modern phones into makeshift computers. However, if you are a big fan of The Raspberry Pi Foundation, you may be slightly disappointed in the fact that this is not a Raspberry Pi Original HDMI to Micro HDMI Cable, but rest assured, this model is not only just as awesome as the Pi Original version, but also quite a lot cheaper, allowing you to use that money for other exciting Pi HATs and accessories instead.


HDMI To Micro HDMI Cable - Technical Specifications:

  • Supplier


  • Connector (Pi Interface)

Male Micro HDMI

  • Connector (Display Interface)


  • Cable Length

– 1m

  • Cable Colour

– Black

  • Raspberry Pi Compatibility

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 1GB / 2GB / 4GB        

  • Weight

– 43g

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HDMI To Micro HDMI Cable - 1m Long, Black

HDMI To Micro HDMI Cable - 1m Long, Black

When it comes to producing unique electronics components and modules, there are very few brands that can provide the quality that Waveshare can. Based in the Futian District in Shenzhen, China, Waveshare are experts in developing electronics to a high standard of quality, which have been thoroughly tested to work seamlessly with corresponding development platforms and systems – such as the E-Ink HATs for Raspberry Pi’s.

What we love most about Waveshare is how they are dedicated to providing quality products, and have moved away from the typical “Made in China” stigma – cheap products with cheap parts and components. Instead, Waveshare understand the value of supplying quality products and building sustainable relationships with international resellers and distributors. They know that consistent quality will result in consistent business, and as such they always ensure strict quality control for each and every product that comes out of the manufacturing plant.

We are always excited to peruse through their vast catalogue of exciting new products to find unique modules, components or even entire development boards that are designed with quality in mind. Because we know that every cent that we spend with Waveshare will be well-spent, with each product that order adding real value to our own catalogue of products.