RG58C/U Coaxial Cable - Priced Per Meter Expand

RG58C/U Coaxial Cable - Priced Per Meter



These interference-resistant RG58C/U Coaxial Cables are ideal for sensitive comm's like radio signalling, lab equipment & antenna-based projects.

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As anyone who has lost or misplaced their phone will know, Communications in our modern world have become extremely important, and gone are the days of waiting weeks or even months to deliver messages around the world, and here are the days of near-instant face-to-face communications, quite literally from almost anywhere in the world! However, although we constantly utilise and enjoy these amazing Wireless Communications, sometimes wireless communications are not always possible, feasible or realistic, and in such times, we can fall back on the tried and trusted methods that we know we can rely on.

These RG58C/U Coaxial Cables are built for effective wired communications over distances as far as 185 meters, but over time these types of cables have been phased out of long-range communications, and instead are now being used for high quality signalling with moderately high frequencies. These use cases primarily revolve around antennae and two-way radio communications, as well as a variety of other signalling processes that need to be highly resistant to interference. This is why these cables are ideal if you want clean and noise-resistant communications in environments like laboratories, as when used in conjunction with BNC connectors and equipment like oscilloscopes, ultra-fine Electrical Analysis can be done without potential interference and noise.

These cables offer a characteristic impedance of 50Ω, with a capacitance of 100pF/m, a thick PVC sheathing and a flexible stranded tinned copper conductor, which all help add to the quality of this cable in terms of protection, durability and noise-resistant signalling. Just remember, however, that these Cables can only withstand temperatures of around +80°C, which means that you may need to take extra precaution in this regard if you are utilising this cable for a factory, workshop or other environment with potentially high-temperature equipment.

Please Note: These RG58C/U Cables are priced per meter, but are sold in minimum lengths of 10 meters so as to reduce processing and overall costs of the cabling. 


RG58C/U Coaxial Cable  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Cable Type

– RG58C/U                                                                 

  • Characteristic Impedance

– 50Ω

  • Capacitance

– 100pF/m

  • Attenuation

– 10.65 dB/100m @ 50MHz

– 22.6 dB/100m @ 200MHz

– 42 dB/100m @ 650MHz

– 67 dB/100m @ 1GHz

  • Velocity Ratio

– 66%

  • Conductor Material

– Tinned Copper

  • Conductor Strands

– 19

  • Shielding

– Braided

  • Insulation Material

– PE (Polyethylene)

  • Sheathing

– PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

  • Cable Colour

– Black

  • Safe Operating Temperatures

– 0° to +80°C

  • Dimensions

– 4.95mm Diameter | 10m Length Minimum


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RG58C/U Coaxial Cable - Priced Per Meter

RG58C/U Coaxial Cable - Priced Per Meter