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XT60 to Croc Clip Power Adapter Cable

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This XT60 to Croc Clip Power Adapter Cable is a general purpose high-power cable for charging/power delivery in RC & Workbench applications.

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When perusing through the ever-expanding list of connectors and cables in Electronics, it’s quite amazing to see just how many different kinds there are, with new connectors being brought out even to this day to enhance, refine, boost or otherwise improve the power and signal delivery capabilities. However, sometimes connectors can get in the way of good ol’ prototyping, and in such times it’s handy to have some croc clips at hand, which can literally just clamp onto bare wires, ports and terminals to offer a convenient and relatively secure temporary connection.

These XT60 to Croc Clip Power Adapter Cables are general purpose cables designed to help Makers like you prototype to your heart’s content, allowing you to harness high-powered battery cell packs and other XT60 Gear with some convenient and versatile croc clips. Of course, being quite simple in design, this cable can realistically be used for almost any power or signal delivery applications you need, although with such beefy, power-capable connectors on both ends, it is ideally suited for high-power applications such as RC or Workbench use cases.


XT60 to Croc Clip Power Adapter Cable  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Connectors: Side A

– Female XT60                                            

  • Connectors: Side B

– Pair of Croc Clips

  • Colour: Side A

– Yellow / Mustard

  • Colour: Side B

– Red & Black

  • ToolkitRC Compatibility

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