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Croc Clips Cable 10pcs



This 10-pack of Croc Clips Cables is ideal for testing circuits – Easily clips onto wires or directly onto components for effective, isolated connections.

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Prototyping is an exciting part of being an Electronics Maker, but can also be the trickiest when things go wrong. Fortunately, however, you can test your circuits or even specific components during the Prototyping phase to ensure that when things go wrong, they don’t become costly mistakes. This is why our 10-Packs of Croc Clips Cables are an invaluable addition to your Maker toolbox, as they allow you to easily and quickly test specific part or Electronics Components within a circuit, to identify problems before they become small disasters.

These croc clip test cables are designed to clip directly onto wires or legs of components, with a protective insulating sleeve to ensure there are no short circuits. This, in conjunction with a multimeter Arduino Shield or similar type of measuring device, lets you see precisely where problems may lie, and allows you to fix them before running electricity through the circuit. They come in coloured pairs of white, yellow, green, red and black for easy identification, at lengths of 50cm each.


Croc Clips Cable 10pcs  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Number of Cables

– 10

  • Colour Range

– 2 x Green; 2 x White; 2 x Black; 2 x Red; 2 x Yellow

  • Cable Length

– 30cm

  • Clip Type

– Crocodile/Alligator Clip (Both Ends)


Typical Applications for Croc Clips Cables:

These 10-Packs of Croc Clips Cables are primarily used for electronics prototyping, but can actually be used for standard electronics projects instead of jumper wires as well. Their easily attachable nature has also proven valuable for high resistance circuitry like the MaKey MaKey Invention Kit, as they can clip from a circuit directly onto other objects like wood, paper or metal.


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