Dupont Cable F/F - 70cm 3Pin Expand

Dupont Cable F/F - 70cm 3Pin



These 3-Pin Female to Female DuPont Cables are commonly used in 3D printing, prototyping and rapid design – Cut to convenient lengths of 70cm.

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When building your own 3D Printer or similar type of machine, you will need a wide variety of different jumpers, wires and cables, including 2-pin, 4-pin and these 70cm 3Pin F/F DuPont Cables. These are for basic wiring and connecting components like IR receivers to mainboards like Arduino Boards, and have been cut to a length of 70cm in order to cater to a wide range of needs.

These cables are colour-coded so that each wire is easily identifiable – ensuring no silly mistakes when plugging the cables in – and each side has a female connector, which will of course plug into male headers. The cables can also be extended or converted into female/male cables by connecting them to other Breadboard Jumpers and DuPont cables, for cases in which you need the cables to be longer or need to connect a male header to a female socket.


Technical Specifications:

  • Connector Types

– Female (Both Ends)

  • Number of Pins

– 3

  • Wire Gauge

– 26 AWG

  • Cable Length

– 70cm


Typical Applications for DuPont Female to Female 3-Pin Cables:

While these 70cm 3Pin F/F DuPont Cables are essentially just wires for connecting electronics parts and components, these particular cables are most often used within 3D printing and Prototyping because of their 3-pin female to female headers. We have also ensured to stock them in lengths of 70cm, which is just long enough to reach across the enclosure of a machine, but not so long that they get in the way or get damaged.

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Dupont Cable F/F - 70cm 3Pin

Dupont Cable F/F - 70cm 3Pin