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XT60 Connector Male with Wire



The XT60 Connector Male with Wire is designed for high current power transfer, commonly used for RC vehicles with high power batteries.

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The XT60 Connector Male with Wire is a connector designed for high current power transfer, and is commonly used in RC vehicles that have high-power batteries and high current circuitry. It is made to connect to a female XT60 connector on a battery, and features spring pins that fit into the female spring socket firmly with high friction to hold it in place. The connector comes pre-wired with 14AWG wire, and is capable of handling currents up to around 60A, to ensure that you can use a battery of almost any power rating without stressing about the Cables & Connectors burning out or being damaged.

The wires that are included are colour-coordinated red and black, and should match the positive and negative symbols on the side of the XT60 connector. This, in conjunction with the fact that the connector is designed to prevent reversed polarity, helps to keep batteries and Electronics Components safe from unexpected electrical damage. And just to add a little extra safety to these connectors, they are made to only fit one way, which means you can never plug the connector in the wrong way and force electricity through your circuitry in the wrong direction.


Wired XT60 Connector  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Connection Type

– 1 x XT60 Male Connector      

  • Wire Size

– 14AWG

  • Pin Type

– Gold-Plated Spring Pin

  • Rated Voltage

– ≥42V

  • Rated Current

– ≤60A

  • Wire Length

– ±5cm

  • Wire Colour

– Red / Black


Typical Applications for the XT60 Connector Male with Wire:

The XT60 Male Connector with Wire is a simple replacement power cable for RC vehicles, that is made to connect high-power LiPo Batteries to main controller boards. It uses gold-plated spring pins to form secure, firm and stable connections with female XT60 connectors, while allowing for easy and simple plugging and unplugging for quick battery removals and swaps. If you need a reliable high-current connector and wiring for your RC vehicles, or for any similar kind of application, there are few better options than the XT60 Connector.


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XT60 Connector Male with Wire

XT60 Connector Male with Wire