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The MKS SMini Smoothie Board is a simplified version of the MKS SBase V1.3, with some of the lesser-used featured removed to save on cost and space.

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The MKS SMini Smoothie Board is a smaller, simplified version of the MKS SBase V1.3 Smoothie Board, designed with less components to save on cost and space for the end user. It offers almost the exact same features as the larger SBase 1.3, but with 1 less stepper driver and extruder port, no hotbed thermistor output, an 8bit CPU, and operates 12V input instead of variable 12/24V. The ethernet port has also been removed, however there is space to install an ethernet port if you feel that you need it.

Despite all of the ports and plugs that have been removed, this 3D Printer control board is still a valuable investment, especially thanks to the low cost, and is capable of controlling most basic single-head extruder DIY 3D Printers. Additionally, this first design is relatively advanced since, although there are no previous models of the SMini, the manufacturers learned a lot during the development of the full-sized SBase boards, garnering them the experience to build the SMinin right the first time, without many of the problems that previous SBase boards presented. This makes the SMini boards an impressive competitor to similar boards like the Smoothieboard 5xC Controller Board and the Tri-Gorilla Control Board, which many would consider to be leaders within the industry of open-source CNC and 3D Printing Controller Boards.


MKS SMini Smoothie Board  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Main Control Chip

– Atmel ATMega2560

  • Input Power

– 12V DC

  • Stepper Motor Drivers

– 4 x Motor Drivers

  • LCD Outputs

– 2

  • Extruder Thermistor Outputs

– 2

  • Limit Switch Outputs

– 6

  • Power Supply Ports

– Extruder / Fan

  • Connection Methods

– USB / TF Card / TFT-WiFi / Ethernet Space Available


Typical Applications for the MKS SMini Smoothie Board:

Aside from the removal of what some people would consider redundant components on the SBase, the MKS SMini Smoothie Board is designed for the same basic purpose, which is to act as the brains and control unit behind DIY 3D Printers. It is capable of controlling two LCD Displays, four stepper motors, two extruder thermistors and six limit switches. It can also be operated via USB, TF Card or TFT-WiFi, making it not only accessible but also easy to use since it is ready to accommodate whichever control methods you are eager to use.


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MKS SMini Smoothie Board

MKS SMini Smoothie Board