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The new and improved RUMBA PLUS Motherboard is designed for 3D Printing and other lightweight CNC control - Compatible with RAMPS 1.4 Firmware.

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If you have been keeping up to date with 3D Printing and CNC technologies over the past few years, you will certainly know about the original RUMBA and RAMPS boards that helped push 3D Printing forwards by providing a somewhat universal controller that quickly became a benchmark in the industry.

However, as 3D Printers have advanced, many Makers are beginning to feel that the original open-source 3D Printer controller boards are becoming very outdated, which is why we’re excited with the new RUMBA PLUS Motherboard, which offers all of the best features that made the original RUMBA so good, as well as a few additions and modifications to bring it up to date and make it a worthy competitor to the modern 3D Printer Control Boards.


What’s New on the RUMBA PLUS Motherboard?

When designing this board, the engineers responsible had years of experience with the original RUMBA Board, and knew precisely what needed to be improved and changed in order for Makers to get the most value from it. To start, a lot of the electronics have been improved with higher quality components that have a higher focus on durability and longevity rather than cost-savings. However, in terms of major upgrades, the RUMBA PLUS Motherboard has been improved in the following ways:

  • The addition of an extra AUX interface, which is compatible with MKS TFT24, MKS TFT28, as well as MKS TFT32 touch screens, so as to give users more options for how they would like to interface with the machine.
  • Upgraded anti-interference and circuit protection for the endstops, so as to remove the chances of false-signals that could easily ruin a print if the user is not watching.
  • Microstepping selection has been changed into a physical jumper based selection, rather than a firmware option, resulting in more reliability and making the entire microstep selection more convenient for users.
  • A greatly improved power circuit and PCB design, which offers more stability through improved MOSFETs, more reliability with the larger, higher quality fuses, as well as more compatibility with components running at different voltages.
  • Finally, the connectors have all been arranged properly with colourful connectors to distinguish each one from the others, which helps improve user convenience while ensuring safer practices with fewer electrical mistakes – which would typically lead to scary or costly results.

In addition to these major upgrades, the board has been tweaked in a variety of ways that all focus on quality, user-convenience, durability and functionality – making it one of the best 3D Printer Controllers currently available  to Makers.

And of course, just to add the cherry on top of a great deal, the RUMBA PLUS Motherboard is compatible with the RAMPS 1.4 firmware that so many Makers from the Prusa era still love to use today. This means that you can simply upgrade your RAMPS 1.4 or RUMBA board to the new RUMBA PLUS with minimal effort and complexity, and enjoy more reliability, durability and ease-of-use without having to learn a new system or make any serious modifications to accommodate a new motherboard.


RUMBA PLUS Motherboard  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Primary MCU

– 2560MCU                                                                

  • Serial Drive

– MEGA256016U2

  • Input Voltage

– 12V to 24V DC

  • Display Compatibility

– LCD2004 / LCd12864 / MKS TFT MINI12864LCD

  • TFT Touchscreen Compatibility


  • Included Fuses

– 5A and 15A

  • Number of Motors Supported

– 6

  • Power Failure/Resume Functionality

– Capable


Typical Applications for the RUMBA PLUS Motherboard:

While a lot of 3D Printer control boards are designed for general CNC applications, this RUMBA PLUS Motherboard has been specially designed for 3D Printing, and in doing so drastically reduces the cost to produce the board, since it doesn’t need to include any other extras that some CNC Controller Boards do. It is made to be a direct upgrade from the original RUMBA and RAMPS 1.4 boards, and caters to all of the necessary requirements of 3D Printers, while focusing on quality, reliability and user convenience.

The board can operate on both 12V and 24V input with a specialised power chip, making it not only compatible with a wider range of different components, but also capable of diminishing the heating problems of previous boards by tweaking the power for various MOSFETs and other components, both big and small. This results in a board that is not only great at controlling 3D Printers, but also much easier and safer to use than the large majority of controller boards available to Makers.


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