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MakerBase MKS DLP Controller with TFT Display



This awesome MakerBase MKS DLP Controller is ideal for building your very own DLP Printer, with an included touch display for easy interfacing.

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Although many modern 3D Makers may not remember, Hobbyist 3D Printing started with very humble beginnings, with only the most passionate of people getting complicated DIY Kits that they would have to build up, calibrate and get working themselves - and without much help. Nowadays, however, things are quite different, and a large majority of 3D Printers for home use typically come pre-assembled (or at least half-assembled), drastically reducing the difficulty of getting the machine set up and working, while simultaneously making the hobby far more accessible than ever before!

With that being said, this MakerBase MKS DLP Controller with TFT Display is a board that caters to 3D Makers who prefer the older style of building your own 3D Printer from nothing but parts and skills, and is an excellent Controller Board for building your very own Digital Light Processing (or DLP for short) 3D Printer. It is manufactured by MakerBase, who are dedicated to producing awesome controller boards and panels for DIY 3D Printing and CNC projects, and offers all of the functionality, ports and component compatibility necessary to create an exciting DLP Resin 3D Printer such as the Anycubic Photon-S or the ever-popular Wanhao Duplicator 7 Plus. In fact, this controller board even includes an awesome 3.5” TFT Touch screen, which is ideal for interfacing with the controller board in an easy to understand, visual way.

If you’ve always dreamed of building your very own DLP 3D Printer, and think you could enjoy the complexities and challenges of achieving such a feat, the MakerBase MKS DLP Controller with TFT Display is an excellent starting point, as it not only offers all of the functionality you need, but it even comes with a TFT touch screen for controlling the setup as well.


MakerBase MKS DLP Controller with TFT Display  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Model No.

– MKS DLP                                                                      

  • MCU

– STM32F407

  • Memory Processor


  • Input Voltage

– 12V to 24V DC

  • Recommended Slicing Software


  • TFT Display Size

– 3.5 inch

  • TFT Display Dimensions

– 110 x 65 x 16mm

  • Dimensions

– 120 x 85mm


Additional Resources:

  • Please Note: The Datasheet and Instruction Manual for the MKS DLP Controller Board is not yet translated. We are currently trying our best to get it translated for English Makers, and we will update this description as soon as we have a translated copy of it. If you are capable of reading Chinese, or if you have your own method of translating, you can find the Original Chinese Datasheet Right Here.
  • If you’re eager to find our more about the included TFT Display that comes included with the MKS DLP, this is the MakerBase MKS TFT35 Touch Screen Manual, which is fortunately in English already, and requires no translations.



HWPCBMKSDLPTFT - MKS DLP Controller Board Datasheet

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MakerBase MKS DLP Controller with TFT Display

MakerBase MKS DLP Controller with TFT Display