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The BigTreeTech SKR-CR6 V1.0 is both a replacement and an upgrade for the CR-6 SE, designed as a drop-in spare that also adds extra functionality.

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For anyone who is lucky enough to own a Creality CR-6 SE 3D Printer, you will know precisely what makes the model so damn awesome, with so many great features that really set it apart from the hundreds of alternatives on the market. However, as fantastic as the CR-6 SE is, it’s unfortunately not indestructible, and can fall victim to power surges and other problems just like any other 3D Printer can. This is why we always try to keep a good selection of handy replacement parts like this BigTreeTech SKR-CR6 V1.0 Motherboard, which is both a replacement and an upgrade designed to give new life to faulty or broken Creality CR-6 SE 3D Printers, while adding some extra functionality, convenience and safety to the overall system.

While the BTT SKR-CR6 V1.0 is not necessarily one of the Creality Original Spares that we stock, we argue that this is even better, created by BigTreeTech, the masters of 3D Printer Upgrades who love to push the industry forward with well-engineered and carefully thought out designs that step up from standard 3D Printing standards. This means that if you’re ever in need of a replacement motherboard for your CR-6 SE, or if you simply want to upgrade your machine with some extra features and capabilities, this BigTreeTech BTT SKR-CR6 V1.0 is the perfect choice to help you step up your 3D Printing game and enjoy more capable, more convenient and overall more enjoyable operations from your favourite 3D Printer.


What’s New on the BigTreeTech SKR-CR6 V1.0 Motherboard?

Although this board looks almost exactly the same as the original Creality CR-6 SE Controller Board, you may have noticed that this board features a few extra ports and features that don’t appear on the original. These are primarily integrated to add some extra functionality and convenience to 3D Printing, while also adding some much-needed flare for those who like to create amazing prints – in style! The ports responsible for these improvements include an RGB port for adding fun or functional lighting to your 3D Printer, as well as some extra display ports to accommodate the ever-impressive TFT35 Displays and classic LCD12864 Displays.

In addition to these ports, the BTT SKR-CR6 also features integrated stepper drivers that are not only silent, but also UART capable, while a fuse has been added to the corner of the board to add some extra protection and keep your board safe from unexpected power surges or other electrical problems. These are all both relatively minor and quite major upgrades depending on who you ask, but overall we’ve been very impressed by the quality and forethought put into this board, adding functionality, convenience and extra capabilities to what is already an amazing 3D Printer.


BigTreeTech SKR-CR6 V1.0 Motherboard  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Supplier


  • Input Voltage

– 12V / 24V DC

  • 3D Printer Compatibility

Creality CR-6 SE

  • Stepper Driver Compatibility

– Integrated Stepper Drivers

  • Onboard Stepper Drivers

TMC2209 Silent Drivers: UART Mode

  • Extra Features & Functionality 

– Support for TFT35 & LCD12864 Displays             

– RGB Port for Fun/Functional Lighting

– Integrated Silent UART Capable Drivers

– Fused for Easy Repair/Replacement

  • Included Extras

– USB-A to Micro USB Cable

– Stepper Driver Heatsinks

– Jumper Caps

– BigTreeTech “Good Luck Rubber Duck”

  • Dimensions

– 118.6 x 80mm


Additional Resources:

  • If you’re eager to find out more about these beautiful displays, head over to the official BigTreeTech SKR-CR6 SE GitHub and explore the resources provided there.


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BigTreeTech SKR-CR6 V1.0 Controller

BigTreeTech SKR-CR6 V1.0 Controller

As one of the rising stars in the world of 3D Printer Component Research and Development, BigTreeTech have certainly hit the ground running, entering the market in 2015 and spending their early stages primarily learning, researching, testing and developing, before producing some truly impressive results. From simple but effective upgrades to standard parts, all the way through to completely custom parts that no other brand offered at the time, BigTreeTech now have an incredibly diverse range, with almost no area of 3D Printing being left out.

Some of BigTreeTech’s most notable additions to the world of 3D Printing include the SKR Motherboard Range for numerous different 3D Printer models, the awesome TFT Touch Display Range with fancy features like dual-mode operation, as well as their very impressive Stepper Driver Range that cater to all tastes and preferences under the sun. And of course, to top it all off, BigTreeTech also have a sister company named BIQU, and we must admit that they have been producing some pretty impressive (and low price) 3D Printers, with the BIQU B1 possibly becoming a new rival to the Ender 3.

Of course, it’s easy to see that BigTreeTech are modern masters of 3D Printing R&D, and while we do still have a lot of different parts that we want to test out from them, so far we’ve been extremely happy with what they’re capable of producing – all while fitting into same kind of hobbyist budget that they used to operate on as Makers and Tinkerers themselves.