E3D V5 Bowden Cooling Tower for 3mm



The E3D V5 Bowden Cooling Tower, built for 3mm Bowden-style extruder systems like those on the Prusa i3, i3 Mega and Creality CR-10 Printers.

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The E3D V5 Bowden Cooling Tower is a radiator designed to fit 3mm Bowden-style extruder and hotend setups like those on the Prusa i3, i3 Mega and Creality CR-10 3D printers, and helps to maintain cool temperatures for the filament before it reaches the melt zone. This greatly reduces the chances of clogs, blockages and oozing as the filament is kept rigid and easy to manipulate before reaching the heater block.

This cooling tower is designed to fit Bowden-style systems, and as such has an M10 thread on the top end to connect to the Bowden Connector. On the bottom end it has machined thread where it connects to the E3D V5 Heat Break, while the middle is kept clear to make space for the plastic fan shroud to hold an efficient 30mm Fan. This is how it keeps the filament cool before reaching the hotend, which in turn results in far fewer potential problems and greater quality prints.

Bear in mind that Bowden-style cooling tower is made to fit Bowden-style setups, and thus cannot be used with typical Direct Drive extruders and hotends. If you are looking for a direct drive cooling tower, consider the alternate E3D Direct Drive Cooling Tower for 3mm.


E3D V5 3mm Bowden Cooling Tower  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Material

– Stainless Steel                  

  • Bottom Thread

– M6

  • Thread Depth

– 14mm

  • Feed Path Diameter

– 3.2mm

  • Dimensions

– 25 x 50mm


Typical Applications for the E3D V5 Bowden Cooling Tower for 3mm:

The E3D V5 Bowden Cooling Tower is designed to fit most Bowden-style extruders and hotends, and is a fundamental part for achieving great quality prints. Not only does it prevent possible problems from occurring during the printing process, but it also ensures that the filament’s temperature is safely maintained so that it only melts once it reaches the right area, known as the melt zone.

Alternatively, we also stock cooling tower variations that cater to direct drive machines, as well as towers for 1.75mm diameter filaments. So check out our Cooling Tower Page for more products and information on how a cooling tower can help you enjoy better results with your 3D printing experiences.


*Note: This is not supplied by E3D, although it is manufactured to the same specs and quality controlled locally to ensure it functions exactly as expected - while saving you money.


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E3D V5 Bowden Cooling Tower for 3mm

E3D V5 Bowden Cooling Tower for 3mm