Vinyl Tubing for 5mm-5mm Shaft Coupling Expand

Vinyl Tubing for 5mm-5mm Shaft Coupling



A pack of two vinyl tube pieces – for coupling 5mm threaded rod to 5mm stepper motor shafts.

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If you are looking for an affordable way to couple stepper motors to 5mm threaded rod, these vinyl tubes are a perfect solution. Used extensively in the first open source Prusa RepRap 3D printers to keep costs down, they were proved to be an extremely effective way of transferring rotational motion, while allowing for slight threaded rod tolerance issues.

To use these couplers, slide one side onto your 5mm stepper motor shaft, and thread the other over the 5mm threaded rod. Make sure to leave a few millimeters between the shaft and rod, they should not butt up against each other. Finally, secure by tightening a cable tie over the vinyl tube on each.

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