New Dual Z-Axis Upgrade Kit for the Creality CR-10 Expand

Dual Z-Axis Upgrade Kit for the Creality CR-10



This Dual Z-Axis Upgrade Kit is designed to add more stability and positional accuracy to the Creality CR-10, for even better 3D printing quality.

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When it comes to 3D Printing, there are few models of printers that can achieve such great quality with relatively inexpensive parts like the Creality CR-10 does. However, this is not enough for Creality, who always want to push cost-effectiveness to the limits, which is why they have brought out the Creality Original Dual Z-Axis Upgrade Kit for the CR-10. These Upgrade Kits add even more stability and printing quality by integrating a second Z-Axis leadscrew, which supports the extruder and helps to keep it in the right place with pinpoint precision.

The installation of this kit is relatively simple, and can be achieved by following these easy steps:

  • First, remove the bracket from the gantry on the side you are installing the new z-axis leadscrew.
  • Second, Install the Motor mounting bracket at the bottom of that same side, and mount the Stepper Motor on this bracket.
  • Third, install the coupler and leadscrew onto the stepper motor.
  • Fourth, reattached the gantry to the z-axis, while adding the extra brackets to the leadscrew.
  • Fifth, install the final top bracket to secure the top of the leadscrew to the top of the vertical V-slot extrusion.

And while some may argue that the Creality CR-10 already offers near perfect accuracy and print quality, for anyone who is eager to achieve EVEN BETTER results, this upgrade kit is relatively inexpensive for the benefits that it offers. Additionally, if you are still a beginner 3D Maker, and aren’t sure whether you will be capable of installing this kit, you can simply contact our Support Desk to ask for help. Just remember to include pictures for any problems that may be unusual or potentially confusing over email, and we will be ready to assist you in your time of need.

Technical Specifications:

  • Stepper Motor

– NEMA 17

  • Cabling

– Stepper Motor Cable

  • Leadscrew

– TR8x2

  • Leadscrew Nut

– TR8x2 (Nuts & Bolts Included)

  • Leadscrew Coupler

– Couples Leadscrew and Motor Shaft

  • Motor Mount

– Included

  • Leadscrew Nut Mount

– Included


Typical Applications for the Dual Z-Axis Upgrade Kit for the Creality CR-10:

As far as 3D Printing quality goes, the Creality CR-10 has only a handful of competitors that can achieve quite the same results at such a low cost. This is why we are happy to stock the Dual Z-Axis Upgrade Kit for the Creality CR-10, as we can rest assured that we are selling a great product that offers good returns on investment in terms of quality improvement, within a competitively low price range.

If you’re looking for an easy and effective way to get even more quality and enjoyment from your Creality Cr-10, this upgrade kit is an excellent and affordable solution. Alternatively, you can also choose to get the Dual Z-Axis + Filament Sensor Upgrade as well, which is essentially the same as this upgrade, but with a filament runout sensor included. This is great if you often have prints running for more than just a few hours, especially if they end up running overnight or while the printer is left unattended.

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Dual Z-Axis Upgrade Kit for the Creality CR-10

Dual Z-Axis Upgrade Kit for the Creality CR-10