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Bondtech Extruder Kit for Creality CR-10S Pro

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The Bondtech Extruder Kit for CR-10S Pro Series is an awesome drop-in upgrade to drastically improve extrusion, filament control and print quality.

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As many of you awesome Makers know, we at DIYElectronics are always on the prowl for great upgrades that not only offer genuine value to end-users, but actually offer an excellent value-vs-cost ratio that we feel is right for the SA market. However, what many of you may not know, is that we are constantly testing new products, and while we only tell you about a few goodies that get brought into our catalogue, there are also a LOT of “upgrades” and kits that simply don’t add the value that we feel is worthwhile. Fortunately, however, this does help us pick and choose only the best Upgrade Kits & standalone upgrades to bring to you, our valued customers, and the Bondtech Extruder Kit for Creality CR-10S Pro is one such upgrade that is definitely worth the money, and is most certainly a worthwhile upgrade for you to consider.

This Bondtech BMG Upgrade Kit for Creality CR-10S Pro is a fantastic upgrade that drastically improves print quality by adding some extra “oomph” to the extrusion power and filament control, and is built specifically to cater to the ever-popular Creality CR-10S Pro, as well as the Version 2 variant that also recently got added to the catalogue. It is designed to replace the standard Creality Extruder Body that delivers 3D Filaments through the Bowden Tube, and is designed to be as powerful and effective as possible, while still maintaining an impressively low weight of only 87.5 grams!


Bondtech Creality CR-10S Pro Series Extruder Kit  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer


  • Model


  • Drive Gear Design

– Dual-Drive

  • Stepper Motor Support

NEMA 17 : 5mm Shaft (Not Included)

  • Extruder Style Support

– Bowden Drive

  • 3D Printer Compatibility (Bracket)

Creality CR-10S Pro

Creality CR-10S Pro V2

– Creality CR-10 MAX

  • Filament Compatibility

– 1.75mm

  • Housing Material

– SLS Printed Nylon (PA12)

  • Internal Gear Ratio

– 3:1

  • E-Steps

– 415 (Extruder Fine-Tuning Guide)

  • Weight (Net)

– 87.5g

  • Weight (Gross)

– 143g


Typical Applications for Bondtech Creality CR-10S Pro Series Extruder Kit:

Although the Bondtech Extruder Kit for Creality CR-10S Pro is primarily designed for the CR-10S Pro and CR-10S Pro V2, this is only really due to the mounting bracket that is included with the BMG extruder. As such, you can realistically use this extruder for almost any 3D Printers, although it is important that you double-check to make sure that it will fit like you expect it to.

However, with that being said, with the widespread popularity of the BMG Extruder, there are actually loads of different adapters that you can 3D Print yourself for various different machines, although if you’re looking for an easy, simple drop-in upgrade for your CR-10S pro, this kit is ideal and requires only about an hour of your time to install and setup, depending of course on your experience and expertise in 3D Printing hardware and software.


Additional Resources:

  • If you want to see what the installation process entails before purchase, or if you’re eager to get straight into the action once your new extruder upgrade kit arrives, this Bondtech Cr-10S Pro Install Guide is the ideal place to find out all of the juicy details behind upgrading your 3D Printer.
  • After installing your new and exciting Bondtech CR-10S Pro Extruder Upgrade, you may need to adjust the current settings for the stepper drivers depending on your setup. As such, this handy Bondtech Current Adjustment Guide is a great place to find out precisely how to do it.
  • Finally, because of the 3:1 gearing ratio of the BMG extruder, you will need to update the Firmware on your 3D Printer. While this sounds scary at first, this Bondtech Firmware Update Guide makes it all easy and simple, offering assistance through the entire process.


HWPBTCECR10PRO - Install Guide

HWPBTCECR10PRO - Installation and Setup Guide

Download (3.07M)

HWPBTCECR10PRO - Current Adj'

HWPBTCECR10PRO - Stepper Driver Current Setting Guide

Download (1.21M)

HWPBTCECR10PRO - Firmware Guide

HWPBTCECR10PRO - Guide to Upgrading and Updating Firmware

Download (495.56k)

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