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Bondtech Extruder Kit for Creality CR-10S

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This Bondtech Extruder Kit is a drop-in upgrade for the CR-10S, built for stronger power, better filament control & overall improved print quality.

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When it comes to genuine value in 3D Printing, there are very few brands who are capable of beating the amazing value per cm2 of build volume that Creality 3D offers. However, while Creality undoubtedly have some of the very best Hobbyist 3D Printers at some of the most hobbyist-friendly prices in the world, these machines don’t always come with all of the bells and whistles that we would ultimately like to have. This, we feel, is absolutely fantastic, as it allows Tinkerers and Makers to choose precisely what features we want to have on our personal 3D Printers, and you can choose precisely where your hard-earned money goes when you feel that it’s the right time to step up your 3D Printing game.

The Bondtech Extruder Kit for Creality CR-10S is one such fantastic upgrade that is completely optional for 3D Makers, but is ready to deliver a whole lotta awesome to your 3D Printer setup. With powerful dual-driven gears for powerful feeding and retracting, an extremely constrained feedpath for optimal filament control, as well as a lightweight design that even makes it a popular choice for direct drive systems, there are few kits that can offer this much value on top of what is already a fantastic machine!

This kit comes with the ever-popular Bondtech BMG Extruder assembly, alongside a specially designed mounting bracket made to perfectly fit the frame of the Creality CR-10S 3D Printer. And while it may seem a little complicated when first looking at the installation process, when using the guide, the entire installation is relatively easy, and should only take between 15 and 60 minutes to get up and printing, depending of course on your experience level in regards to tinkering and fiddling with 3D Printers.

Additionally, one extra feature that we felt was quite awesome is that this bracket also includes a specialised space for the filament runout sensor, and it uses the simple limit-switch technique, allowing you to even build your own runout sensor if yours isn’t quite working like you want it to. Of course, this is optional, and you don’t have to use the filament runout sensor (we prefer not to), but it’s always great to have he option, just in case you ever change your mind.


Bondtech Creality CR-10S Extruder Kit  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer


  • Model


  • Drive Gear Design

– Dual-Drive

  • Stepper Motor Support

NEMA 17 : 5mm Shaft (Not Included)

  • Extruder Style Support

– Bowden

  • 3D Printer Compatibility (Bracket)

Creality CR-10S

  • Filament Compatibility

– 1.75mm

  • Housing Material

– SLS Printed Nylon (PA12)

  • Internal Gear Ratio

– 3:1

  • E-Steps

– 415 (Extruder Fine-Tuning Guide)

  • Weight (Net)

– 75g

  • Weight (Gross)

– 139g


Typical Applications for the Bondtech Creality CR-10S Extruder Kit:

Although Bondtech’s BMG Extruder is built in a relatively universal manner, with some people even using it to build their own Direct Drive systems on machines that were original Bowden-style setups, the Bondtech Extruder Kit for Creality CR-10S has been designed and packaged specifically to accommodate the unique build of the original Creality CR-10S. This, however, is only really due to the bracket included with the BMG Extruder, and if you really want to pay a little extra for a bracket you may not use, you can certainly use this extruder for other 3D Printers too. Alternatively, check out our entire Extruders Category, where you can find kits for almost the entire range of Creality 3D Printers that we stock, including the new CR-10 V2, the classic CR-10 and Ender 3, as well as more recent models like the CR-10S Pro.


Additional Resources:

  • Once you’ve purchased your exciting new CR-10S BMG Extruder, or if you’re eager to find out more about this awesome kit before making your purchase, check out this Bondtech CR-10S BMG Kit Install Guide to find out more about what the installation process entails.
  • If you’re eager to find out more information about the possibilities when using Bondtech’s in conjunction with the CR-10S, be sure to check out this Bondtech CR-10S Resources Page, which also contains a stepper current adjustment guide in case you need it.


HWPBTCECR10S - Install Guide

HWPBTCECR10S - Installation & Setup Guide

Download (855.25k)

HWPBTCECR10S - Current Setting

HWPBTCECR10S - Current Setting

Download (1.98M)

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Bondtech Extruder Kit for Creality CR-10S

Bondtech Extruder Kit for Creality CR-10S