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AWISS Mini Open Barrel Crimping Tool



This affordable but awesome AWISS Mini Open Barrel Crimping Tool is ideal for any hobbyist who like to Make, repair and maintain electronics projects.

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As hobbyists in the world of Electronics, it’s quite a great experience to be able to imagine a project, prototype it, build it and show it off to friends, family members and even total strangers. However, creating truly custom projects is not always easy, and while there are Modules and Components that can do almost anything and everything you might need, they are each predesigned to specific standards, meaning that if you really want to customise a project, then you need to build your project from scratch. Fortunately, as Makers in the modern marvellous world, we can get pretty damn close to true customisation, with hundreds of different tools and hundreds of thousands of different components to cater to specific needs and designs, ensuring that, if we are willing to put in the time and effort, our projects can be personalised with absolute precision.

These AWISS Mini Open Barrel Crimping Tools are just one of many different awesome Hobbyist Tools that Makers like us have access to in modern times, and these allow you to create your very own customised cables, with specific connectors and cables joining up all of the different Components and modules that your project is made up from. They are compatible with the common Molex and JST connectors, as well as Tyco and JAMM connectors too, and these make connector crimping as simple as soldering, with specialised dies that manhandle the little pieces of metal perfectly, crimping over the ends of wires so that you can utilise whatever Connectors & Wiring your project needs. Furthermore, these crimping tools are also great for repairs and maintenance, as some of you may already know just how frustrating it can be to try and repair a broken LiPo battery cable or fix up a faulty JST connector without the proper tools, but with these crimpers on hand, this small disaster is no longer a problem, and you can simply cut off the previous connector, strip the wire ends, crimp on some new barrels, and then conveniently insert them into a fresh new connector for effective power or signal delivery.


AWISS Mini Open Barrel Crimping Tool  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Model No.

– IWS-2820M                                                    

  • Wire Gauge Compatibility

– 28 to 20AWG

  • Die Width

– 0.7mm

– 1.0mm

– 1.3mm

– 1.6mm

– 1.9mm

– 2.2mm

  • Die Thickness

– 1.0mm

– 1.5mm

– 2.0mm

  • Handle Colour

– Orange

  • Weight

– ±200g

  • Length

– 180mm


Typical Applications for AWISS Mini Open Barrel Crimping Tool:

Although it may seem tricky at first, crimping connectors is actually quite an easy task once you’ve got the knack, so take some time to check out a few videos to get a basic idea, and then don’t be scared to just experiment and practice on a few wires. Then, once you’ve got a basic mastery for crimping, you’ll have the ability to create whatever cables you need for your various Electronics projects. Of course, for connectors other than Molex, Tyco, JAMM and JST, you may certainly need a different type of crimping tool with different sizes and die designs, but for a lot of electronics applications, these types of hobbyist connectors are more than enough to handle all kinds of different connections, components, modules and parts. So consider getting yourself an AWISS Mini Open Barrel Crimping Tool to open up new possibilities for your electronics projects, as these offer an excellent level of quality for a really affordable price, and can save you a lot of time, hassle and wasted parts compared to trying to crimp with plain pliers or other techniques.


Additional Resources:

  • This handy IWISS 2820M Crimping Demonstration Video is a great resource to see how crimping should be done on the connectors that this tool is compatible with, and although it’s not a typical tutorial style video, it does a decently good job of showing the basic steps required for crimping various connectors.

Finally, what made us really keen on these particular crimpers is the fact that, in the following video below, the relatively famous content creator, Andreas Spiess: “The Guy with the Swedish Accent”, compared them against engineering grade crimpers and found them to actually tie in quality despite being much a more affordable choice:


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AWISS Mini Open Barrel Crimping Tool

AWISS Mini Open Barrel Crimping Tool