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EcoDuino – Automatic Plant Watering Kit

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The EcoDuino Kit is an excellent beginner-friendly kit for learning all about Arduino, Electronics and automation via microcontrollers.

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As an electronics enthusiast, you will have certainly seen at least a few examples by now of how Arduino can be used for home automation and adding convenience to various parts of daily life. Well, now you can also get involved in the fun of automated Arduino systems with DFRobot’s fantastic little EcoDuino Automatic Plant Watering Kit, which is designed to be a beginner-friendly Electronics Kit that monitors the moisture levels of the soil and activates a pump to provide much needed hydration to your plants.

The EcoDuino kit is comprised of a DFRobot branded “EcoDuino” Controller Board, which has a powerful Atmega32U4 Microcontroller that acts as the brains of the operation, reading the sensor and activating the pump to keep your garden healthy. It is completely Arduino compatible, meaning you can use all the same Arduino IDE libraries and hardware as standard Arduino projects, and comes pre-installed with everything you need to get up and running with your personal automated garden.

Note that you may have to connect with the EcoDuino via a PC to manage some of the finer details relating to desired moisture levels and scheduling.

Additional Note: The image used above is currently out of date. We are in the process of updating this, but for now, please note that the kit only includes 1 female to bare wire adapter cable, as well as no adapter connection on the water pump.


EcoDuino Automatic Plant Watering Kit  -  Included Contents:

  • Main Control Board

– Free Life V2.0 EcoDuino                                                   

  • Moisture Sensor

– SEN0114

  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor

– DHT11

  • Water Pump

– Fully Immersible

  • Water Tube

– ±1m Long with ±7mm Diameter

  • Battery Holder

– 6 Slot AA Holder with DC2.1 Power Jack

  • USB Cable

– Micro USB to Standard USB

  • Screwdrivers (2)

– 1 x Flat Head / 1 x Phillips Head

  • DC Adapter

– Female to Bare Wire Cables

  • Enclosure

– Splash Resistant


EcoDuino Kit  -  Technical Specifications:                                           

  • Board Power Supply

– 6V to 12V DC                                                               

  • Microcontroller

– AtMega32U4 (Leonardo Bootloader)

  • Analog I/O Ports

– 4

  • Digital I/O Ports

– 5

  • Soil Moisture Threshold Control

– Onboard Potentiometer

  • USB Port

– Micro USB

  • Board Dimensions

– 75 x 50mm

  • Pump Power Supply

– 4.5V to 12V DC

  • Flow Capacity

– 100 to 350 L/H

  • Additional Board Terminals

– Carbon Rod Terminal

– Temp Sensor Port

– Motor & Solenoid Terminal

  • Power Range

– 0.5W to 5W


Typical Applications for the EcoDuino Automatic Plant Watering Kit:

The EcoDuino Automatic Plant Watering Kit is one of the most beginner-friendly Arduino Kits that we’ve ever stocked, and is designed so that anyone can learn all about automated systems and microcontrollers – in a fun and very healthy way. It can be used for simple hobbyist and experimental projects that add convenience or novelty to your daily life, or can be used for more advanced projects as well, possibly even adapting the kit to keep your coffee cup hydrated rather than your flowers.

Fortunately, with the open-source nature of DFRobot’s Kits, the choice of what project to enjoy is completely up to you, and you can add, remove, chop and change modules and sensors as you see fit. So if you’ve ever wanted to learn about Arduino and electronics but have never had a good reason to explore the many possibilities, consider getting this kit to kick off your adventures into automation and hobby electronics!


Additional Resources:


DHT11 - Datasheet

DHT11 Temperature/Humidity Sensor Datasheet

Download (90.13k)

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EcoDuino – Automatic Plant Watering Kit

EcoDuino – Automatic Plant Watering Kit

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