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27 Piece Sensor Kit from DFRobot - Gravity Series

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This Sensor Kit is an excellent launch pad for new projects, with loads of sensors for identifying, monitoring, and automating the world around you.

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Within Electronics and mechanics, the world of sensors is truly complex, and goes a lot deeper than many people would have imagined, with a wide variety of analog and digital sensors that are all designed to scope out a particular aspect of our world and report back accordingly. And while in the past, sensors were typically used just to ensure a higher degree of accuracy when trying to identify specific values like temperatures, angles or even magnetism, nowadays we have begun to incorporate all kinds of sensors – both analog and digital – into hobbyist projects, automation systems and many other common areas of daily life.

This is why we’re always excited to get new Sensor Packs like this 27 Piece Sensor Kit from DFRobot, which includes many different kinds of analog and digital sensors, all designed to a high quality standard and equipped with value-adding benefits like platinum resistance sensors, gold immersion techniques and a neat, clean layout on each little board. The kit includes one of each of a long list of sensors, with some temperature sensors, light sensors, touch sensors, and even a sensor that can identify the grayscale of a chosen point – opening up doors to an endless supply of great projects.

In addition to the awesome benefits above, this sensor kit has also been designed with the DFRobot Gravity Series style, which caters towards beginners by offering one of the easiest and most hassle-free ways of connecting various modules together. Featuring simple one-directional plugs and compatibility with almost everything else in the Gravity Series, there are few easier or more efficient ways of utilising, learning about and experimenting with electronics modules.

All of the sensors included in this kit are conveniently designed to be Arduino compatible, with most of them also being compatible with the common MicroBit boards as well. This ensures that anyone can get this kit and an Arduino UNO or similar microcontroller, and immediately start having fun with the range of different Sensor Modules.


27 Piece Sensor Kit from DFRobot  -  Included Modules :

  • LED Module – Red
  • Relay Module V2
  • LED Module – Blue
  • Triple Axis Accelerometer MMA7361
  • LED Module – Green
  • Digital Magnetic Sensor
  • LED Module – White
  • LM35 Analog Linear Temperature Sensor
  • Flame Sensor
  • Analog Steam Sensor
  • Analog Grayscale Sensor
  • Soil Moisture Sensor
  • Analog Ambient Light Sensor
  • Analog Carbon Monoxide Sensor (MQ7)                                   
  • Digital Infrared Motion Sensor
  • Analog Voltage Divider
  • Sharp GP2Y0A21 Distance Sensor (10 to 80cm)
  • Capacitive Touch Sensor
  • Analog Sound Sensor
  • Digital Push Button - Yellow
  • Digital Vibration Sensor
  • Digital Push Button – Red
  • Digital Tilt Sensor
  • Digital Push Button – White
  • Analog Rotation Sensor V2
  • Joystick Module
  • Piezo Disk Vibration Sensor
  • Compartmentalised Module Box


Typical Applications for 27 Piece Sensor Kit from DFRobot:

With so many different types of sensors in this kit, as well as the way that each sensor module is entirely Arduino compatible, the 27 Piece Sensor Kit from DFRobot can be used for, or integrated into, an endless range of projects. If you are choosing to use a lot of sensors, however, you may also need to get an Arduino Sensor Shield or similar type of expansion module, which will allow you to connect a lot more sensors into a single project.

Some of the most common projects involving this kit include building custom smart devices and smart wearables like “Fitbit” or “Google Glass”, adding extra functionality to your robots or other existing projects, or even equipping your home with a “Brain” that monitors all of the different aspects like ambient temperature, incoming sunlight, humidity levels and more, and then adjusts the air-conditioning and other appliances to maintain your ideal personal living conditions.

Of course, these ideas are just the tip of the iceberg thanks to the near-excessive functionality that these sensors offer, and there are still so many more projects just waiting for you to explore.


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