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Analog ORP Sensor for Arduino

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These Arduino-compatible Analog ORP Sensors effectively measure important criteria in water, like chlorine levels or other potentially harmful contaminations.

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Water is one of the most valuable compositions of molecules on our planet, perhaps not quite in the same financial way that many would think, but more so in how most living things desperately need it to survive. Additionally, we can’t just hydrate ourselves with any old water, and the water that living things consume actually has to meet a certain purity level for it to be useful and safe, which is why we humans and put so much effort into using Sensors to ensure that water sources and supplies are kept clean, healthy and ready for effective use in a variety of systems, including our own bodies.

With this in mind, you can surely understand the value of Water Sensors like this Analog ORP Sensor for Arduino, which is capable of identifying the Oxidation Reduction Potential within water, so that a user or system can identify whether it meets the specific criteria that are expected. These criteria can either pertain to potential health effects of drinking water in dams, rivers or local supplies, or the chemical composition in bodies of water like swimming pools and reservoirs, as these sensors are capable of measuring the level of oxidisers within the water to identify patterns, averages and safe or dangerous conditions.


Analog ORP Sensor for Arduino  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage

– 5V DC

  • Operating Temperature

– 5° to 70°C

  • Measuring Range

– -2000mV to +2000mV

  • Measuring Accuracy

– ±10mV @ 25°C

  • Measuring Response Time

– ≤20 seconds

  • Connection Port (Probe)

– BNC Connector

  • Connection Port (Arduino)

– PH2.0

  • Included Wiring (Probe)

– Probe Cable

  • Included Wiring (Arduino)

– 90cm PH2.0 to 3-Pin Female Connector

  • Onboard Controls

– Zero Calibration Button

  • Dimensions

– 40 x 27mm


Typical Applications for Analog ORP Sensor for Arduino:

And of course, since we love using advanced sensors and clever calculations for hobbyist applications, we’ve made sure to get the ORP sensor kit that natively works with Arduino, so that you don’t have to get specialised controllers or signal readers, and can instead simply use your current Arduino toolkit to build your new project or integrate new features into an ongoing project that you’re already working on. So, whether you want to add an extra level of safety to your drinking water supply, or want to keep track of precise levels of chlorine in your swimming pool, the DFRobot Analog ORP Sensor Kit is an exciting and effective solution.


Additional Resources:

DFRobot’s Official ORP Sensor Wiki Page.


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Analog ORP Sensor for Arduino

Analog ORP Sensor for Arduino

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