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Mini DC Submersible Pump

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This Mini DC Submersible Pump is designed for underwater use only, and is ideal for aquariums, fountains and other fully-submerged applications.

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Pumping fluids from place to place, or cycling fluids within an isolated system, has become very common-place in our modern world, with almost every human using a pump in some way or another. From swimming pools and aquariums through to refrigeration units and even some coffee machines, pumps are involved in almost all areas of life nowadays, modernising what would have been very labour-intensive tasks, and making these tasks as simple as a single push of a button.

With this in mind, it just makes sense that we should stock a range of hobbyist pumps, and we’re kicking off this category with a unique Mini DC Submersible Pump from DFRobot, which is designed to be fully submerged in liquid to effectively pump water and other fluids to where they need to be, with a surprising level of control and precision that would typically cost a lot of money if acquired through retailers targeting end-users who don’t want to build their own pump setups.

*Please Note: This is a Submersible Pump, which means it MUST BE fully submerged in liquids whenever it is operating. Fortunately, there are little suction pads on the bottom of the pump so that you can stick the pump to the flat surfaces like the walls of an aquarium. This can help it stay submerged, or can simply be an added convenience if you want to position it in a particular location.


Mini DC Submersible Pump  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Rated Voltage

– 6 to 18V DC                                                                        

  • Rated Current

– 65 to 500mA

  • Pumping Head (Water Rise Height)

– 60 to 400cm

  • Maximum Flow Rate

– 280 to 600 litres per hour

  • Power Rating

– 0.8 to 20W

  • Cable Length

– 1 meter

  • Dimensions

– 45 x 55 x 42mm


Typical Applications for these Mini DC Submersible Pumps:

Before utilising this Mini DC pump, it’s important to remember that this pump is submersible, which means it is designed to only operate while submerged in liquid. This makes it ideal for applications like garden fountains and rockeries, aquariums, as well as a range of other uses in which the water you want to pump is contained and always submerging the unit.

Conversely, however, it can’t be used for applications like bilging water or watering plants, as the unit may not always be submerged in these cases, unless contained within a specialised enclosure. For such applications though, we also offer our Digital Peristaltic Pump, which is also from DFRobot but is designed to run with or without liquids, as well as in both forwards and backwards operations.



Great pump

I had reservations about the specs as provided by the manufacturer. But, for head height at least, this pump was a surprise. At 13V I get +2M head, which is amazing for such a little pump. This is a sealed brushless motor, which is good.

I doubt that this pump "Must be submerged." "Submersible" means that it CAN be submerged. It must always be filled with water tough.

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Mini DC Submersible Pump

Mini DC Submersible Pump

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