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Devastator Tank Mobile Robot Platform

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The DFRobot Devastator Tank is the ultimate Mobile Robot Platform, with specialised mounting points at all angles for additional modules and components.

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If you’ve always wanted to build your own robot, or have been looking for even more advanced Robotics Kits than the classic AlphaBots, DFRobot has recently introduced their Devastator Tank Mobile Robot Platform, and we just knew that we had to get our hands on some of these fantastic kits!

This Devastator Tank Platform is an all-inclusive kit that contains everything you need to build a beastly tank robot, with tracks to give it impressive manoeuvrability over all kinds of terrain, Metal Geared Motors for lasting durability, a tough metal frame with mounting points for a near-excessive amount of extras, as well as all the small bits and pieces like nuts, bolts, screws and other peripherals to connect all of the important parts, modules and components together – with a handy guide to ensure you know precisely how to set it all up.

Additionally, one of the cool benefits of this kit is that all of the Connectors & Wiring have been specially designed to be completely solder-free, making it both safe as well as incredibly easy to assemble even for young hobbyists. It can operate on standard 1.5V AA Batteries via the included 6-slot battery holder, but can also be modified to accommodate almost any power source you want to use up to 7.5V, which of course allows you to use two common 18650 LiPo Batteries, or a dedicated 7.4V LiPo battery, depending on your specific needs or available equipment.

These features make this kit the most impressive Robotics Kit that we’ve had the pleasure of stocking, and we’re certain that, whether you want to use it as a standard robot or equip it with your own customised extras, the Devastator Tank Platform is the very best in terms of multi-functionality and hobbyist affordability.

Please Note: The RomeoBLE from DFRobot is the ideal controller board to use with this chassis, as it features an onboard H-Bridged motor driver and Bluetooth capabilities built directly into the board for ultimate convenience.


Devastator Tank Mobile Robot Platform  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Rated Voltage

– 6V DC                                 

  • Operating Voltage Range

– 2 to 7.5V DC

  • Gear Reduction Ratio

– 45:1

  • D Output Shaft Diameter

– 4mm

  • No-Load Speed

– 133RPM @ 6V

  • No-Load Current

– 0.13A

  • Locked-Rotor Torque


  • Locked-Rotor Current

– 2.3A

  • Load Capacity

– 3kg

  • Assembled Dimensions

  225 x 220 x 108mm

  • Weight

– 1.3kg


Typical Applications for the Devastator Tank Mobile Robot Platform:

As with many of the Robotics Kits that we stock, this kit can be used for an endless number of applications, and could be used to build a social robot, a workshop assistance, a pet to bring your newspaper to your feet in the morning, or even an assistant for dangerous or exciting scientific projects. And with so many different mounting points positioned on all sides and at various angles, there’s ample space to install robotic arms, nerf guns or anything else up to 3kg to accommodate your needs or specific applications.


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Please note that this kit does not include any distance or motion sensors as featured on some product pictures. For a full list of the contents of this pack, take a look at the Parts List on the Devastator Instruction Manual.


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Devastator Tank Mobile Robot Platform

Devastator Tank Mobile Robot Platform

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