The LattePanda Windows 10 Mini PC - 2GB/32GB Expand

The LattePanda V1 Windows 10 Mini PC - 2GB/32GB

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The LattePanda Mini PC is a fully functioning (Mini) computer designed on a single board, with the appropriate catchphrase “Computer for Everything”.

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The 2GB/32GB LattePanda Windows 10 Mini PC is an incredibly powerful, fully-functioning computer designed with all of the components and modules integrated onto a single board to offer the ultimate blend of computing performance, tiny form factor and hobbyist affordability. And as their catchphrase succinctly and appropriately states, the LattePanda is a “Computer for Everything”, with dual processors, integrated graphics, an array of different connectors and wireless capabilities, as well as a full Windows 10 Home Edition pre-installed to make your life as an end-user as easy as possible.

This single-board computer differentiates itself from competing boards like the Raspberry Pi or lesser-known boards like the BeagleBone range by focusing on the user experience that so many people around the world are already accustomed to – a windows environment – and in doing so, they have designed the LattePanda with not just one, but two processing units. The primary processor is a powerful Intel Quad Core with integrated Gen8 Graphics processing, while the secondary is the ever-common and ever-powerful ATmega32U4 Chip. This combo is perfect for handling both standard computer uses and applications, as well as complex developer programming and prototyping, which of courses aligns perfectly with the “Computer for Everything” catchphrase that they’ve attached to the LattePanda.

With a primary quad core processor, 2GB of DDR3L RAM, up to 32GB eMMC memory, Windows 10 Home preinstalled, and a host of other features that would even be impressive in a full-sized laptop, the LattePanda is just what you’ve been waiting for. Additionally, it also offers up to 4k video decoding with onboard MIPI-DSI and HDMI Connectors, a combination of 26 GPIO pins for advanced operability, touch-panel support, onboard ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth, and even Gravity connectors to accommodate specially designed DFRobot custom sensor and module range.

With all of these incredible features and a price tag lower than most laptops half the power, it’s no wonder that they call the Lattepanda the “Computer for Everything”, because it realistically can do any kind of computing and processing that you need it to – from blinking an LED to playing Call Of Duty online – with a tiny form factor smaller than most modern phones!

Please Note: We also stock the LattePanda Peripherals Kit to complement this beautiful board, featuring all of the essentials you need to get your Panda up and running, and we also stock just the LattePanda Acrylic Enclosure too, which offers protection from dust, ESD and other external damage.


The LattePanda Windows 10 Mini PC - 2GB/32GB  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Primary CPU

– Intel Atom x5-Z8350 Quad Core

  • CPU Clock Frequency

– 1.44GHz (Standard)  /  1.92GHz (Burst)

  • Intel Processor GPIO Pins

– 6

  • Integrated Co-Processor

– ATmega32U4 (Arduino Leonardo)

  • ATmega Processor GPIO Pins

– 20

  • Integrated Graphics Processing

– Intel Gen8 : 12 Thread Contexts per Core (EUs)

  • Integrated GPU Frequency

– 200 to 500MHz (Single-Channel Memory)

  • Video Output Ports



– 2GB

  • eMMC Memory

– 32GB

  • Storage Capacity

– 32GB

  • Networking Capabilities

– Up to 100Mbps Ethernet

  • Wireless Connectivity

– WiFi 802.11n 2.4G  /  Bluetooth 4.0

  • USB Ports

– 1 x USB 3.0  /  2 x USB 2.0

  • Gravity (DFRobot) Interface Connectors

– 6

  • Included Operating System

– Windows 10 Home Edition (OEM Activated)

  • Touch Capabilities

– Onboard Overlay Connector

  • Power Requirements

– 5V DC @ 2A

  • Board Dimensions

– 88 x 70mm

  • Weight

– 100g


Typical Applications for The 2GB/32GB LattePanda Windows 10 Mini PC:

The LattePanda is described by the inventors as the “Computer for Everything” and is capable of handling almost any task that a standard full-sized computer can. And while it can’t quite reach the same power level of large computer systems, which have dedicated cards to handle each specific application or part of the computing process, it is an incredibly impressive Single-Board-Computer that offers extreme power for its very small size.

With an Intel Atom Quad core processor as the primary CPU, a secondary ATmega32U4 co-processor, integrated graphics with full 4k HD video decoding capabilities, as well as more connectivity options than many of the expensive laptops on the market, if you want computing power and functionality blended with hobbyist affordability, as well as a surprising level of ease-of-use for the end-user, the LattePanda is the ultimate fully-functioning (Mini) computer.


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The LattePanda V1 Windows 10 Mini PC - 2GB/32GB

The LattePanda V1 Windows 10 Mini PC - 2GB/32GB

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