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Steam Sensor Module by DFRobot

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This Steam Sensor Module is designed by DFRobot, capable of identifying and measuring steam in local environments for automation and fun projects.

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This Steam Sensor Module by DFRobot is a relatively simple sensor that utilises the same technique as water sensors, but with a much higher sensitivity so as to measure the fine particles of water in the air rather than straight liquid conductivity. This is great for projects like building automated extractor fans for bathrooms, maintaining humid environments for specialised flora or fauna habitats, or even to let you know when your cakes and other baked goods are at that perfectly tasty temperature.

The sensor has been designed to be used with microcontrollers like an Arduino Boards, and can be interfaced with a classic PH2.0 connector . This makes it not only an easy sensor to utilise, but also highly versatile, with a wide range of different optional controllers to use and a relatively universal connection style. And just to ensure optimal compatibility with a wide range of other parts and components, the Steam Sensor operates on optional 3.3V or 5V DC supply, ensuring that you can use lightweight 3.3V boards, as well as boards with heavier 5V requirements.

Just remember though that these Sensors are not waterproof, and while they have been designed to withstand steam in reasonably high amounts, they should never be submerged. Additionally, to keep the sensors as accurate as possible, consider wiping them clean after usage to avoid oxidisation from steam and humidity.


Steam Sensor Module by DFRobot  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage

– 3.3V / 5V DC

  • Output Signal Voltage

– 0 to 3V (3.3V Supply)  /  0 to 4.5V (5V Supply)

  • Pin: Analog Output

– Blue Wire

  • Pin: GND

– Black Wire

  • Pin: Power

– Red Wire

  • Included Cable

– PH2.0-3P to 3 Male Pins

  • Dimensions

– 20 x 30 x 6mm


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Steam Sensor Module by DFRobot

Steam Sensor Module by DFRobot

As self-proclaimed “Robo-holics”, DFRobot is a company comprised of over 100 staff members, of which 30% are engineers who love to build robots. It was started in 2008 with the goal of embracing and promoting open-source hardware, with a core focus on Arduino, Raspberry Pi and their very own LattePanda development boards. Since then, DFRobot have manufactured over 1300 unique modules, sensors and components that all work together and complement each other, allowing users like us to enjoy a full spectrum of cutting edge robotics and electronics without having to pay premium prices.

With the primary goal of developing and manufacturing great quality products, while making them accessible to as many people as possible, DFRobot are rapidly becoming one of the most common-place brands in the world of open-source robotics and electronics. With more than 1300 products developed in-house, and an impressive range of different categories and specialisations, there are few brands in the world who can compete in terms of quality, accessibility and genuine innovation.