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The Audio Analyzer V2.0 by DFRobot

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The Audio Analyzer V2.0 features an MSGEQ7 chip with 7 frequency bands to detect audio patterns, offer voice control, create visualisers and more!

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The Audio Analyzer V2.0 by DFRobot is a module designed to identify sound by reading the energy levels of 7 distinct frequency bands, with the ability to measure peaks in these frequency bands through clever filtering and multiplexing. From there, it can take those frequencies and turn them into actionable data, which can be used in a reasonably wide range of applications. This allows you to add all kinds of sound-based functionality into your projects, with simple connectors that can connect with a microcontroller like an Arduino UNO or similar kind of development board.

While many of us audiophiles understand that there are thousands of different frequencies, which are all unique to help make the vast array of sounds and noises we experience, trying to read precise levels of each and every one would take incredibly specialised and expensive equipment. Fortunately, we don’t have to measure all of the bands, and instead we can simply choose seven of the most common and distinguishable bands to read, which can help us detect and recreate almost every sound that a human would typically hear in their lifetime.


The Audio Analyzer V2.0 by DFRobot  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage

– 5V DC                                                                

  • EQ Bands: Bass

– 63Hz / 160Hz

  • EQ Bands: Low Midrange

– 400Hz

  • EQ Bands: Midrange

– 1kHz

  • EQ Bands: Upper Midrange

– 2.5kHz

  • EQ Bands: Brilliance

– 6.25kHz / 16kHz

  • Dimensions

– 20 x 30mm

  • Weight

– 5g


Typical Applications for The Audio Analyzer V2.0 by DFRobot:

This Audio Analyzer Module is a great tool if you want to utilise sound monitoring, measurements or identification into your projects, and can take the sound data it receives to perform a wide range of different functions. Some of the most common use-cases for these Audio Modules include:

  • Integrating voice-control into projects to make your own applications like Alexa or Siri, or just to turn the lights on or off with a distinct sound like a specific word or a clap of the hands.
  • Monitoring the general tones and moods of a room or environment, to seamlessly match the currently playing music to the way that people are talking or otherwise interacting.
  • Creating audio visualisers to enhance an art piece, add to the ambience of a music festival, or even just add some eye-candy to a common room where communal activities often occur.

And while this module is arguably quite advanced and specialised in its field, it is surprisingly affordable, and may be the perfect tool to enhance the value and appeal of your next project. Just remember that you will need a microcontroller to operate this module, so take a look at our Arduino Range to find the MCU that best suits the needs of your projects.


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The Audio Analyzer V2.0 by DFRobot

The Audio Analyzer V2.0 by DFRobot

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