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Romeo BLE Mini - Arduino Robot Control Board with Bluetooth 4.0

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The tiny Romeo BLE Mini from DFRobot is a bite-sized version of the amazing Romeo BLE, made for tiny robots that need big brains.

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If you’ve ever just saw and watched an automated machine work, or seen videos of robots taking automation to the next level, then you certainly just how cool Robotics can be. However, until recently robotics has been somewhat of a pipedream for Hobbyists like us, being just out of reach of what we consider affordable. Fortunately though, leading brands like DFRobot are constantly working on new, improved and unique modules and controllers for robotics, to make it not only more affordable for us all, but also much more accessible than ever before!

This tiny but powerful Romeo BLE Mini is an Arduino Robot Control Board with Bluetooth 4.0 and BLE a capabilities, and is designed after the larger variant known just as the Romeo BLE Control Board. However, although being slightly less powerful than its larger counterpart, it is more than capable of peak performance, all the while offering an extremely tiny form factor for low weight and discrete aesthetics. This makes it the perfect robotics controller to be used for desktop and mobile robots, in which weight and size are big factors, with extra features like broken out interrupt pins so that you can really get advanced with your robotics and projects.

In terms of functionality, this motor driver module features a powerful 2-Way 2A H-Bridge TB6612 Motor Driver, which is complemented by an onboard ATmega328P, and has 32KB of RAM, 2KB SRAM, a 1KB EEPROM, as well as an integrated 16MHz clock. This means that this module is actually more than just a driver module, and the onboard microprocessor actually turns this module into a fully realized robotics controller platform. This of course is boosted by the native Bluetooth 4.0 BLE capabilities, and is further complemented by a specially designed iOS APP called “GoBLE”, as well as the Visual Programming APP “WhenDo”, so as to make programming and controlling your new robot simple, regardless of whether you’re a beginner to robotics, or have been masterminding robot armies for years.

Note: if you are using servo motors with this board, you may need to provide a secondary power source for them.


Romeo BLE Mini Control Board with Bluetooth 4.0  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer


  • Onboard Microcontroller

– ATmega328P

  • Onboard Motor Driver

– TB6612

  • Onboard BLE Chip

– TI CC2540

  • Transmission Range

– 30m in Open Field

  • Remote Updating

– Supported via BLE

  • AT Commands to Config BLE

– Supported

  • Transparent Communication via Serial

– Supported

  • Master-Slave Machine Switch

– Supported

  • Digital I/O Pins

– 8

  • PWM Outputs

– D3 | D9 | D10 | D11

  • Analog I/O Pins

– 4

  • I2C Interfaces

– 1

  • Onboard Motor Driver

– Dual H-Bridged Driver with 3A Max Drive

  • Max Drive Current Per Channel

– 1.2A

  • Onboard Buttons

– Reset | Boot

  • External Power Supply (VIN)

– 6.5V to 10V DC

  • Output Current (Continuous)

– 1.2A Single Channel Output

  • Output Current (Peak)

– 2A (Up to 3.2A on Single Pulse)

  • Dimensions

– 45 x 38.5mm


Additional Resources:

  • For more information on this awesome controller board, we recommend taking a look through the DFRobot Romeo BLE Mini Wiki, where you can find further insights, connection diagrams and example code for you to work from.


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