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FireBeetle Covers-Proto Board

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The FireBeetle Proto Board is the perfect foundation for Makers who love prototyping, with simple Shield-Like integration for the FireBeetle MCU.

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If there’s one thing that seems to be prevalent in almost all cultures and societies, it’s the fact that we, as humans, simply love to Make, and we particularly love to create fresh, new and exciting things that have never been seen before. This is where the true purpose of Prototyping lies, in the aim to create something completely new from nothing but parts, components, bits and pieces, and is why we’re really eager to tell you all about the awesome FireBeetle Covers-Proto Board – designed for Makers to Prototype ideas into realities in an easy and efficient way.

This handy prototyping board is built to fit the FireBeetle ESP32 IoT Microcontroller, and provides ample space for components like IC Chips, resistors, transistors and more, with 98 solder pads for you to enjoy as you see fit. It is built to plug into the top of a FireBeetle MCU, in a similar way to how Arduino Shields work, with dedicated rows broken out for VCC, GND and the 3.3V Rail too, and a lot of free space to fit the rest of the components on, while keeping the form factor extremely small.

If you love Prototyping and building new circuits from nothing but Electronic Components, then this FireBeetle Proto Board is the perfect place to start your next project. However, if you find that this Proto Board still doesn’t offer quite enough space, then be sure to also check out the FireBeetle Covers-Proto Board Doubler, which is built to the same specifications as this, but features double the real estate for all of the Electronics that you want to integrate into your project.


FireBeetle Covers-Proto Board  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Supplier


  • PCB Form Factor

– DFRobot FireBeetle Series

  • Module Compatibility

– FireBeetle BoardsFireBeetle Covers

  • Shared PCB Lanes

– VCC | 3.3V | GND

  • Dedicated VCC Solder Holes

– 7

  • Dedicated 3.3V Solder Holes

– 7

  • Dedicated GND Solder Holes

– 7

  • No. of Prototyping Solder Holes

– 7 x 14 = 98 Total

  • Included Headers

– 2 x 18-Pin 2.54mm Pin Headers

– 2 x 18-Pin 2.54mm Male/Female Headers

  • Dimensions

– 58 x 60.8mm


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