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LattePanda Titan Enclosure for Alpha/Delta

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Keep your LattePanda cool, safe & ready to deliver the power you need with the Titan Enclosure – Designed for Efficiency, Convenience & Protection.

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If you’ve ever done even an ounce of research on the beautiful suite of LattePanda Single-Board Computers, then you will know already just how amazing these Pocket-Sized PC’s can be. However, with so much power, and a relatively high price tag for such a tiny device, it can be daunting to carry these little computers around, and while they are certainly designed with portability in mind, having to box it up to protect it while travelling makes the entire idea less efficient, and less appealing as an end user.

This LattePanda Titan Enclosure for Alpha/Delta has been designed with the purpose of eliminating that problem, and is built from strong engineering grade materials so as to allow LattePanda enthusiasts to take their tiny computers out into the world, but without having to worry about keeping it ultra-safe from knocks, drops or even static electricity. It features a beautiful array of cleverly designed ports and air gaps for convenient access to important onboard functions, as well as for thermally efficient airflow to keep all of the components on both the top side and underside of the board cool.

In addition to being a safe and snug nest for your LattePanda to rest in, this beautiful case also features some handy extras, such as the mounting points situated on the back panel, which allows you to discretely mount your LattePanda under the desk, onto the backside of a display, or onto a custom 3D Printed “LatteTop” Laptop design. Additionally, this case it also somewhat customisable, and comes in four parts, of which two of the parts (the “wings”) can be left out if you want, so as to provide even better airflow and access to onboard LED indicators, as well as direct access to the GPIO Headers on each side of the board. These features are then complemented by some small quality of life extras, such as the power button on the side of the case, dedicated antenna mounting plates, and easy-access wings – all adding some finishing touches on an already incredible enclosure design.

If you love your LattePanda and want to take it wherever you go, but hate the hassle of having to box it up to keep it safe while on the move, the LattePanda Titan Enclosure for AlphaPanda and DeltaPanda is one of the best LattePanda Accessories that you can choose from.


LattePanda Titan Enclosure for Alpha/Delta  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Supplier                                          


  • Enclosure Materials

– ABS & Polycarbonate

  • LattePanda Compatibility

LattePanda Alpha 800s

LattePanda Alpha 864s (Unactivated)

LattePanda Alpha 864s (Win 10 Pro Activated)

LattePanda Delta 432 (Unactivated)

LattePanda Delta 432 (Win 10 Pro Activated)

  • Extras Included

– 6 x M3 Screws

  • Weight

– 100g

  • Dimensions (Assembled)

– 120 x 87 x 26mm


Additional Resources:

  • To discover more about this fantastic enclosure, consider visiting the official LattePanda Titan Case Product Page, where you can also find a handy tutorial for putting it all together, as well as some beautiful product shots of the LattePanda sitting snugly inside its case.
  • If you’re looking for a more personal review of this great enclosure, you may also be interested in this LattePanda Accessories Review by Novaspirit Tech, which takes a look at this case, as well as a few other cool LattePanda accessories.


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