128x64 Graphic LCD Display Module - Black on Blue Expand

128x64 Graphic LCD Display Module - Black on Blue



This 128x64 Graphic LCD Display Module has black text on a blue LED background – ideal for basic electronics projects requiring a simple, effective display.

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When Prototyping or designing an exciting Electronics project, having a nice display can make all the difference, and can not only improve the aesthetics, but also the functionality of a project. This is prime purpose of this Black on Blue 128x64 Graphic LCD Display Module, which is capable of displaying English and Chinese characters, as well as a range of basic graphics too.

This display utilises the unofficial 12864 Arduino library with the ST7920 chip, making it a great choice for almost any Arduino Board project, or for a variety of standard applications like in printers, fax machines, networking equipment or even industrial test equipment. This impressive range of functionality ensures that, even if you aren’t busy with a project that needs a display, you will be able to find a great use for it somehow.

The LCD offers black text on a blue LED backlit background, with pins that support parallel and serial interface. It operates on both 5V and 3V, with an integrated contrast adjustment software control.


128x64 Graphic LCD Display Module  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Backlight

– Blue                                                             

  • View Area

– 128 x 64 dots

  • Operating Voltage

– 5V / 3V (Variable)

  • Viewing Angle

– 6 o’clock

  • Arduino Library Support

– 12864 (Unofficial)

  • Integrated LCD Driver

– ST7920


Typical Applications for 128x64 Graphic LCD Display Modules:

The Black on Blue 128x64 Graphic LCD Display Module is most commonly used for Arduino projects, since it utilises the unofficial 12864 Arduino library. Not only can it display a good amount of text for use as an interactive interface, but it can also display graphics for projects that you want to put on display. This makes it a good investment for Makers wanting to create projects that others will get to see or interact with, as it can show your personal logo or fun graphics along with all the details you want to display – and can even display Chinese characters for projects that may require it.


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