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2.7 Inch E-Ink Display HAT for Raspberry Pi 264x176 - Three Colour

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264x176 resolution 2.7inch E-Ink Display HAT for Raspberry Pi is a persistent Three-Colour modular display for Raspberry Pi – Black, White and Red.

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The technologies of displays have seen a lot of advancements over the past decade, and one of the most exciting developments in this regard is the E-Ink or E-Paper, that is unique in the way that is offers persistent displays – even when the power is cut. By using small pockets of ink within pressurised cells, it only needs to be powered in order to refresh or change the display. Then, once the display has been changed, it maintains the display even if the power is disconnected.

Now, with this technology becoming more accessible, we’re able to stock these 2.7inch 264x176 Three-Colour E-Ink Display HATs for Raspberry Pi Boards. These HATs use black, white and red and operate at very low power ratings, making them the ideal solution for low-power Raspberry Pi projects that need a practical, yet aesthetically appealing display.

Please Note: The background colour of this screen is white, but tends to show up as pink on camera when lighting conditions are not set up perfectly.


Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage

– 3.3V

  • Interface

– 3-wire SPI, 4-wire SPI

  • Dimensions

– 85 x 56mm

  • Display Size

– ±57.3 x ±38.2mm

  • Dot Pitch

– 0.217 x 0.217

  • Resolution

– 264 x 146

  • Display Colours

– Red, White and Black

  • Grey Level

– 2

  • Full Refresh Time

– 15 Seconds

  • Refresh Power

– 26.4mW (typ.)

  • Standby Power

– <0.017mW

  • Viewing Angle

– >170°


Typical Applications for the 2.7inch E-Ink Display HAT for Raspberry Pi, Three-Colour, 264x176:

The 2.7inch E-Ink Display HAT for Raspberry Pi offers Three-Colour 264x176 resolution and is ideal for low-power Raspberry Pi projects, as it only requires a light voltage of 26.4mW to refresh the image, while maintaining an impressively low 0.017mW in standby. This is perfect for projects like clocks or alarms that display only minutes and hours. In this example, the display will only need to be powered once a minute to refresh the numbers, while operating on standby the remaining 59 seconds.


Pin Interface:












SPI chip selection, low active


Data/Command selection (high for data, low for command)


External reset, low active


Busy status output, low active


Additional Resources: www.waveshare.com/wiki/2.7inch_e-Paper_HAT_(B)


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2.7 Inch E-Ink Display HAT for Raspberry Pi 264x176 - Three Colour

2.7 Inch E-Ink Display HAT for Raspberry Pi 264x176 - Three Colour

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