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5.5inch HDMI AMOLED 1080x1920

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Add striking visuals to projects with 5.5inch HDMI AMOLED Displays – Offering a beautiful blend of high contrasts, vivid colours & wide viewing angles.

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When choosing a visual component to add some extra “Oomph” to your project, it can be tricky with so many different options for Displays of all different types. However, one display that certainly stands out from the rest (and makes your choice of what display to use easier) is AMOLED, as these types of displays are difficult to ignore, with striking contrasts, vivid colours and a level of quality that captures and holds your attention.

This is why we knew that we NEEDED to stock some of these 5.5inch HDMI AMOLED 1080x1920 Displays, which are an amazing alternative to LCD and OLED Displays, taking some of the best features of OLED but including Active Matrix technology for a wide range of very cool benefits. These AMOLED displays are not better than LCD Displays in all regards though, but for most applications that won’t need to be consistently on for very long periods of 100 hours or more, AMOLED displays are definitely our preferred choice – And now they’re actually affordable for hobbyist use!

While many people don’t really understand the excitement revolving around AMOLED displays, the key factors that truly differentiate AMOLED technology from the many alternatives include the following three distinct characteristics:

  • Very Bright but Power Efficient – AMOLED displays are designed in a very clever way, and utilise a pure black background with individual pixels that create light. This results in a display that can be very bright due to the many small light sources rather than one major source, while also maintaining an incredible level of efficiency as the display only needs to power the individual pixels that are activated each frame. This is fantastic for lower-power projects that need highly-effective display capabilities, with particularly great applications for Raspberry Pi and other Electronics projects.
  • Ultra-Vivid, High-Contrast Visuals – In addition to being bright and cost-efficient, the individual pixel technique of AMOLED displays and active matrix technology also allows them to offer some of the most contrasted and vivid images around. This is because the colour gamut is not restricted by the backlight, and each pixel can have its own contrast instead of relying on a uniform backlight balance.
  • Near Infinite Viewing Angle – One of the most frustrating factors about LCD Displays (and this is especially so for laptops) is that the viewing angle is almost never amazing, and the colours can drastically change as the angle between your vision and the screen tilts further and further. AMOLED displays conversely offer a much wider viewing angle due to the reduced number of layers between the light source and the display surface. This means you can enjoy AMOLED displays from almost any angle you want to, even when the display is sitting in low to moderate sunlight!

These are the key factors that really make these 5.5inch HDMI AMOLED 1080x1920 Displays some of our favourites from the entire Displays Category. But just remember that because of the above features, AMOLED displays are also more prone to burn-ins and permanent “scarring” from a consistent colour over a long period of time. Fortunately, very simple tools like screensavers exist to help reduce this, but if it’s a serious concern for a project that need to display the exact same image over a long period of time, then you may in fact want to choose old-school, reliable LCD Displays to avoid burning-in your high-quality AMOLED.

Please Note: Due to the extremely vivid colours and contrasts of AMOLED displays, if a static image is displayed on the screen for 168 hours or longer, the image can burn-in and leave permanent scarring or discolouration. Always keep this in mind for semi-permanent displays, and don’t be scared to use a screensaver or sleep mode to keep your screen fresh and vividly colourful.


5.5inch HDMI AMOLED 1080x1920 Display  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Interface                                          


  • Display Type

– Capacitive Touch AMOLED

  • Display Resolution

– 1080x1920

  • Protective Glass Cover

– 6H Hardness Toughened Glass

  • Touch Capabilities

– Five-Points Touch | USB Touch Port

  • Audio Capabilities

– HDMI Audio | 3.5mm Audio Jack

  • Optional External Power Port

– DC Interface for 5V/2A PSU

  • System Support

– Raspberry Pi / Computers / Mini PC’s / Jetson Nano

  • Weight

– 275g

  • Dimensions

– 75 x 140mm


Parts Included with the 5.5inch HDMI AMOLED 1080x1920 Display:

  • 1 x HDMI Cable
  • 1 x HDMI to HDMI Adapter                                            
  • 1 x USB Type A to Micro USB B Cable
  • 1 x USB to Micro USB Adapter


Additional Resources:

  • The Official 5.5inch HDMI AMOLED Wiki, featuring the user manual, 3D Drawing resources, as well as a small list of software that can help you get the most out of your AMOLED display.


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5.5inch HDMI AMOLED 1080x1920

5.5inch HDMI AMOLED 1080x1920

When it comes to producing unique electronics components and modules, there are very few brands that can provide the quality that Waveshare can. Based in the Futian District in Shenzhen, China, Waveshare are experts in developing electronics to a high standard of quality, which have been thoroughly tested to work seamlessly with corresponding development platforms and systems – such as the E-Ink HATs for Raspberry Pi’s.

What we love most about Waveshare is how they are dedicated to providing quality products, and have moved away from the typical “Made in China” stigma – cheap products with cheap parts and components. Instead, Waveshare understand the value of supplying quality products and building sustainable relationships with international resellers and distributors. They know that consistent quality will result in consistent business, and as such they always ensure strict quality control for each and every product that comes out of the manufacturing plant.

We are always excited to peruse through their vast catalogue of exciting new products to find unique modules, components or even entire development boards that are designed with quality in mind. Because we know that every cent that we spend with Waveshare will be well-spent, with each product that order adding real value to our own catalogue of products.