2inch IPS LCD 240x320 - Cover Expand

2inch IPS LCD 240x320

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There are many ways to add visuals a project, but this compact 2inch 240x320 IPS LCD is one of the easiest for a wide range of Microcontrollers.

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When looking for cool ways to upgrade a project or add some finishing touches, tiny Display Modules are always a top choice, as they often have a place in almost any project, whether it’s to give an easy-to-read visual representation of data, or simply to utilise vivid colours and symbols instead of audible buzzes and beeps. Regardless of what data or information your project produces, however, a fun little display will always brighten it up and add some extra visual “oomph” that no other Electronics Modules can achieve, offering both aesthetics and functionality to an already-great project.

This compact little 2inch 240x320 IPS LCD is SPI controllable, and is compatible with a wide range of microcontrollers from Arduino to LattePanda due to the simple control interface and overall simplified – yet very effective – nature of the module. It utilises the ST7789 driver for low power operations, and works on a nice common MCU voltage of 3.3V DC. This makes it an extremely versatile module, offering a relatively high definition 18-bit colour display output, with only 8 pins required in total to power, control and use this module in for whatever project you see fit.


2inch IPS 240x320 LCD  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Interface                              


  • Operating Voltage

– 3.3V DC

  • Display Type


  • Display Driver

– ST7789

  • Display Resolution

– 240x320

  • Display Colour

– RGB | 262K Colours

  • Touch Capabilities

– N/A

  • Audio Capabilities

– N/A

  • Required Drivers

– None (Driver-Free)

  • Included Extra(s)

– 1 x 8Pin PH2.0 to Female Jumper Cable

  • Weight

– 24g

  • Dimensions

– 58 x 35mm


Typical Applications for the 2inch IPS 240x320 LCD:

Although we typically think of computer monitors, mobile devices, tablets and other consumer tech’ when we think of displays, here at DIYElectronics, we love displays for their use with various electronics projects, with these being ideal for tiny projects in particular. The compact form factor and versatile interface makes it a great choice for any Arduino, Raspberry Pi or similar type of project, and it offers everything a basic display needs, without any fancy (and costly) bells and whistles. So if you want to add some visual aesthetics, improve the usability, or simply add a touch of personalisation to your favourite electronics project, there are few better ways to do it than with these tiny but effective Display Modules.


Additional Resources:

  • The Official 2inch LCD Module Wiki, featuring some helpful insights and resources for working with and getting the most out of these great little displays.


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2inch IPS LCD 240x320

2inch IPS LCD 240x320

When it comes to producing unique electronics components and modules, there are very few brands that can provide the quality that Waveshare can. Based in the Futian District in Shenzhen, China, Waveshare are experts in developing electronics to a high standard of quality, which have been thoroughly tested to work seamlessly with corresponding development platforms and systems – such as the E-Ink HATs for Raspberry Pi’s.

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