3.5inch IPS LCD 480x320 Touch Display with MicroSD Slot - Cover Expand

3.5inch IPS LCD 480x320 Touch Display with MicroSD Slot

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Enhance, modify or customise your projects with a 3.5inch IPS LCD Mini Touch Display, with integrated MicroSD Slot and capacitive touch capabilities.

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While it often makes sense that tiny projects call for tiny displays, sometimes even larger projects can benefit from tiny displays too, and this is why we love tiny little display like these 3.5inch 480x320 IPS LCD Touch Displays, as they are more than just compact Display Modules, but actually feature an integrated MicroSD Slot as well as capacitive touch capabilities, so as to provide even more functionality in a teeny tiny package.

Although we, as Makers, love to go as big as possible whenever possible – to show off our big brains, obviously – sometimes a big display is not actually the “Big Brain Play”, and some projects can actually benefit from having a tiny display as it’s primary source of interfacing. However, tiny displays are very often quite limited in functionality, causing you to have to get extra parts to integrate in just to get our project operating as we need it to. With these Modules though, you can enjoy a handy visual interface that not only displays data, but also takes in user inputs in a user-friendly way, but also some handy storage capabilities as well, opening up cool opportunities for even better improvements to an already great idea, as well as more convenience for you as both a Maker as well as a user of your project.

So if you’ve been looking for a display is humble yet ready to deliver more than you expect, and aren’t looking for anything too big or clunky, these tiny touch displays are the perfect modules to help you get started, enhance and complete your favourite Electronics projects.


3.5inch IPS LCD Mini Capacitive Touch Display  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Supplier


  • Interfaces

– SPI via Pin Header

– GDI via FPC Cable

– MicroSD Card Slot

  • Operating Voltage

– 3.3V to 5.5V DC

  • Display Type


  • Display Driver

– ILI9488

  • Display Resolution

– 480x320

  • Display Colour Depth

– 16-bit (RGB565)

  • Display Brightness (cd/m2)

– 300

  • Viewing Angle

– 120°

  • Touch Capabilities

– Capacitive Touch (GT911)

  • Audio Capabilities

– N/A

  • Storage Capabilities

– Integrated MicroSD Card Slot

  • Typical Power Consumption

– ±48.1mA

  • Included Extras

– 10-Pin 2.54mm Pin Header

– 18-Pin FPC Reverse Cable

  • Weight

– 26g

  • Dimensions (Display)

– 57.6 x 43.2mm

  • Dimensions (Module)

– 80 x 50mm


Typical Applications for these 3.5inch IPS LCD Mini Capacitive Touch Displays:

With so much functionality and compatibility that this tiny but ultra-handy display module offers, it’s hard to define just a few use cases, since it can realistically be used for almost any project that could benefit from display, user interfacing or storage capabilities. However, if we were to choose just a few projects, we think some of best projects that this display is capable of would include:

  • Building a tiny desktop notifier that connects to your social media accounts, email and other networking software to deliver on-the-fly tweets, reports, mails or other data directly to your workspace or personal entertainment centre.
  • Creating a compact IoT front end interface that can control, calibrate, reset or otherwise operate various sensors, actuators, solenoids and relays around your home or office.
  • Integrating a heads-up-display, user interface or MicroSD loader into just about any project with SPI interfacing, adding extra visual effect, functionality and overall “oomph” to what may already be an awesome project!

Of course, the ways in which you want to use these 3.5inch Touch Displays may certainly be different, and may be ideas that nobody has ever thought of before! So get out there and start thinking of the awesome ways that you can use and integrate this with various other modules, and take advantage of the relatively feature-rich functionality that this seemingly simple but versatile display module is ready to offer.


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3.5inch IPS LCD 480x320 Touch Display with MicroSD Slot

3.5inch IPS LCD 480x320 Touch Display with MicroSD Slot

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