LCD Display 16x2 RGB on Black - LCD HAT with KeyPad - Cover Expand

LCD Display 16x2 RGB on Black - LCD HAT with KeyPad

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Give your Raspberry Pi an easy to use and customisable interface with the 16x2 RGB LCD KeyPad HAT, featuring RGB backlighting and onboard controls.

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As Makers who love all kinds of development platforms, microcontrollers and embedded systems, we can’t help but love the fact that Raspberry Pi products always seem to offer both user friendliness as well as fun. This typically enhances the user experiences of Raspberry Pi Makers by adding some extra colour and customisation, while still being relatively easy to use for Makers of all skill levels – especially considering the vast number of tutorials and guides for almost everything related to Raspberry Pi. This is why we are eager to introduce the 16x2 RGB on Black LCD Display HAT with KeyPad from DFRobot, as this module fits that “Fun, Functional & User-Friendly” style that many Pi HATs are known for, offering a handy little 16x2 LCD interface with onboard buttons and an exciting RGB customisable backlight for extra personalisation.

The 16x2 RGB LCD KeyPad HAT is designed specifically for the 3B+ and 4B versions of Raspberry Pi Boards, and features the iconic 40-Pin GPIO Header along the side, which can plug directly into the top of a Raspberry Pi and also have other HATs plug directly into the top of it. With a customisable RGB backlight, you can finally make your LCD match whatever themes and styles your project is designed with, even when moving the HAT from project to project, and this can also provide functionality by making the display easier to see in all kinds of different environments. This is complemented with handy onboard controls, with an up, left, down, right, and select button prominently positioned right on the front of the board below the LCD unit. These features, along with a high quality, sleek design and simple I2C interfacing via the GPIO header, make it a great addition to any basic to intermediate project, and can greatly enhance the functionality (and fun!) of almost any project that could benefit from a user interface.

If you’re looking for an easy way to add visuals, along with more functionality and customisation to your Raspberry Pi projects, this cleverly designed 16x2 RGB LCD HAT with onboard KeyPad is ready to make that happen, and with an entire wiki page dedicated to providing users with easy to follow instructions and sample code (see the Additional Resources below), this is one of the most user-friendly interfaces around.


16x2 RGB LCD HAT with KeyPad  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Display Type

– 16x2 LCD Display                                            

  • Operating Voltage

– 5V DC

  • Logic Voltage

– 3.3V DC

  • Onboard Controls

– UP | DOWN | LEFT | RIGHT | Select

  • Connection Interface

– 40 Pin GPIO Header (Pi HAT Style)

  • Backlight/Font Colour

– RGB Adjustable

  • Raspberry Pi Compatibility

Raspberry Pi 3B+

Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB / 4GB / 2GB

  • Dimensions

– 85 x 56 x 13mm


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LCD Display 16x2 RGB on Black - LCD HAT with KeyPad

LCD Display 16x2 RGB on Black - LCD HAT with KeyPad

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