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OLED Display Module Blue 0.91-Inch 128x32 4pin For Arduino

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These tiny 0.91” 128x32 Blue OLED Display Modules offer Maker enjoyable visual effect and simple operations, featuring 4pin IIC Interface and no backlight.

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There’s something magical and beautiful about adding a digital display to a project. Even a tiny one can bring it to life with a cute animation or provide some key behind the scenes information the user needs to know. Unfortunately, however, large modern Displays are often quite expensive for tiny projects though, and it’s just not realistic to consider getting a big OLED or LCD Module just to display the basic time, weight or other arbitrary variable, and that’s where these awesome, cost-effective tiny OLED Displays really shine, bringing visual display functionality at an extremely low cost for Arduino and other microcontroller projects.

The OLED Display Module is Blue with a white colour display, no blacklight, 0.91 inch in size, and offer a 128x32 resolution with simple 4Pin IIC interfacing. This, when translated from jargon, means that it is a tiny little display with high clarity, a great viewing angle, a good level of brightness, a size that’s just big enough for small projects, and a relatively easy way to interface with it that is both Microcontroller friendly as well as simple to control. This makes it perfect for a large majority of small to moderate scale projects that simply need some kind of way to visually display information, variables or data, while the relatively open-ended style also means that it can just as easily be used for more unique applications, such as displaying fun imagery, or even acting as a friendly face for a little robot. So, if you are looking for a way to get visual interfacing for projects like tiny weather stations, Sensor arrays, electronic desktop toys or pretty much any other basic to intermediate projects, these tiny but effective OLED Displays are the perfect little tools for the job.


4pin 0.91-Inch OLED Display Module - Technical Specifications:

  • Display Type

– 0.91 inch OLED                                                       

  • Display Colours

– White, no backlight

  • Display Resolution

– 128 x 32

  • Viewing Angle

– ±160°

  • Operating Voltage

– 3.3V to 5V DC

  • Interfacing Method


  • IC Driver

– SSD1306

  • Weight

– 0.5g

  • Dimensions

– 38 x 12 x 4mm


4pin 0.91-Inch OLED Display Module – PIN CONFIGURATION:

  • Pin 1: GND

– Power Ground                          

  • Pin 2: VCC

– Power + (DC 3.3 ~ 5v)

  • Pin 3: SCL

– Clock Line

  • Pin 4: SDA

– Date Line


Typical Applications for These Blue 0.91 Inch 128x32 OLED Display Modules:


The extremely low power consumption and small form factor of the 0.91 Inch 128X32 Blue 7pin OLED Display Module makes it an ideal display option for smaller projects like building digital wearables, although the module is certainly not limited to small applications only. Some users have reported integrating this display into their larger-scale projects as well thanks to the reasonably high resolution, wide viewing angle, as well as the fact that it doesn’t need to have a backlight.

A great example of this small display working well in a large project is a game arcade machine like the “Claw Game”, which doesn’t necessarily need a large screen but does need to have a digital visual display to show how many tokens or “Tries” the user has left. The module has a fast response time and can be seen in both bright and dimly lit environments, and can be operated with inexpensive Arduino Boards like the UNO. This, however, is just a simple example of how this display can be used in a wide range of different projects, so consider investing in one of these modules next time you are eager to integrate digital visual interaction into a project that you are busy working on.



  • If you’re eager to get a headstart in creating cool projects with this or any of the other SSD1306 Display Modules, this Guide for I2C OLED Displays by RandomNerdTutorials is an ideal place to begin your adventures.
  • Finally, this is an awesome SSD1306 User Manual and Documentation Sheet by Richard Hull, a passionate Maker, and it contains invaluable information on these modules, as well as further resources for additional learning and experimentation. We have also included a downloadable PDF version above this description.


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OLED Display Module Blue 0.91-Inch 128x32 4pin For Arduino

OLED Display Module Blue 0.91-Inch 128x32 4pin For Arduino

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