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Glass Bed Kit for Prusa i3



This Glass Bed Kit for Prusa i3 models of 3D printers, includes the leads, connectors and Kapton Tape you need to build a reliable heated printing surface.

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This Glass Bed Kit for Prusa i3 is a basic kit that includes all of the necessary connectors, leads, nuts, bolts and screws, as well as an MK2 Heatbed – everything you need to install a heated, smooth print surface for 3D Printing. This kit can be an excellent upgrade if you don’t have a Heated Printbed, as it will allow for much better first layer adhesion for some types of 3D Printer Filament.

This kit also helps by providing a completely flat, smooth surface to prevent any problems with the nozzle crashing into the bed. And while the glass alone may not be the best surface to stick plastic filament to, it is a great platform that you can easily apply abs juice or PEI sheets to the surface, which are ideal print surfaces that offer excellent adhesion qualities.

The Kit includes all of the leads and connectors, the glass bed, the MK2 heated bed, as well as Kapton Tape, ensuring that you can get straight to printing with little to no extra hassle or additional purchases required.


Glass Bed Kit for Prusa i3  -  Technical Specifications:

  • MK2 Operating Voltage

– 12V / 24V (Variable)

  • Dimensions

– 214 x 214mm (Bed and Glass)

  • Included Parts

– 4 Lead Screws

– 4 Nuts

– 8 Washers

– Lead Connector


Typical Applications for the Glass Bed Kit for Prusa i3:

This Glass Bed Kit for Prusa i3 is designed to be used specifically with Prusa i3 Models of 3D printers, but could certainly be compatible with similar models from other manufacturers. However, we unfortunately can’t recommend these kits for 3D Printers that we have not used ourselves, which is why we choose to supply them specifically for the Prusa i3 models. With that being said though, as long as the voltage supply and size matches your printer, there is no reason why it wouldn’t work, but if you want to be sure before buying a kit, simply contact us and ask for help.


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Glass Bed Kit for Prusa i3

Glass Bed Kit for Prusa i3