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Spool Holder Kit for Prusa i3



Our custom-designed Spool Holder Kit for Prusa i3 and similar 3D printers is designed to be simple, effective and affordable – Uses mostly 3D printed parts.

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Our custom-designed Spool Holder Kit for Prusa i3 3D Printers is built entirely with Printed Parts, a single lead screw and four nuts to hold it all in place. When designing this spool holder kit, we focused on simplicity and effectiveness, while using minimal non-printed parts. This not only kept the design affordable, but also allows 3D Makers to print their own spool holders or replacement parts as well.

The Kit includes two sturdy arms to attach onto the Prusa I3 top crossbar and hold the lead screw, two spool hubs to clip onto the inner rim of the filament reel and keep it centred around the lead screw, a single lead screw fit to perfect length for variable width spools, as well as the necessary nuts to keep it steady and hold everything in place.

These parts all build into a simple, effective and aesthetically pleasing spool holder – providing a free flow of 3D Printer Filament to the extruder without ever getting in the way.


The Spool Holder Kit for Prusa i3 Includes:

  • 3D Printed Mounting Arm

– 2                                                                

  • 3D Printed Spool Hub

– 2

  • Lead Screw

– 1

  • M8 Nuts

– 4


Typical Applications for the Spool Holder Kit for Prusa i3:

While our Spool Holder Kit was originally designed for our Prusa i3 models of 3D Printers, it will in fact work with many other similar models of FDM printers as well. The hubs are also designed to fit most of the filament we stock, aside from some of the more unique spools, although the files to print these parts can be found on Thingiverse, and experienced Makers can simply print larger or smaller diameter hubs if they need to.

We are so fortunate to be able to enjoy this fantastic open-source movement, and are eager to help you get the most out of your 3D printing experience.


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