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Charlstruder for Prusa i3 Kit



Our DIYElectronics Charlstruder for Prusa i3 Kit is designed and built by our talented engineers – A reliable upgrade of the Greg’s Wade’s Geared Extruder.

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The Charlstruder for Prusa i3 Kit is a pack of parts that are required to build the Charlstruder geared extruder. It has been carefully designed and built by our in-house engineers, and caters to many of the problems that the original Greg’s Wade’s Geared Extruder had. It is made to fit the Prusa i3 models of 3D Printers, but is also compatible with a variety of other models that utilise 1.75mm All-Metal E3D hotends.

Compared to the Greg’s Wade’s, the Charlstruder design has moved the filament feeder to the front of the assembly. This makes it far easier to change out filament without having to try get to the back of the extruder, while the included bird nose cam ensures you don’t ever have to undo or retighten tensioner bolts, and can instead simply flip the cam to reduce or increase tension – making the process of changing 3D Printer Filament a walk in the park.

Additionally, this design has moved the motor to above the x carriage assembly. This offers more balance than previous extruder designs, with the ideal weight distribution to reduce any parts from sagging or bending over time. And if those benefits weren’t enough to convince you of the value of this extruder design, it has also accommodated for the hotend mounting, and has made it far easier to replace the hotend without having to move or remove the extruder.

This kit includes all of the plastic parts, washers, bearings, screws, and everything else you need to build the Charlstruder.


Charlstruder for Prusa i3 Kit  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Hotend Compatibility

– 1.75mm All-Metal E3D Hotends                

  • 3D Printer Compatibility

– Prusa i3 Models

  • Design Engineer

– Charl Jacobs

  • Nuts, Bolts and Screws

– Included in Kit


Typical Applications for the Charlstruder for Prusa i3 Kit:

Because the engineer who designed the Charlstruder for Prusa i3 Kit is avidly involved in 3D Printing, he understood precisely what needed to be changed from past designs to make this extruder as user-friendly and effective as possible. This is the same extruder we use in a large variety of our in-house machines, and have had very few problems even from the original design. Of course, a few changes have been made along the way to cater to any of the problems we found, making this one of the most reliable extruder on the market, with similar quality and effectiveness to the E3D Titan Extruder Assembly.


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Charlstruder for Prusa i3 Kit

Charlstruder for Prusa i3 Kit