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Prusa i3 Bearing Kit



This Prusa i3 Bearing Kit includes all the bearings you need to service your Prusa i3 3D printer – excluding the 608zz bearings for extruder assembly.

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This Prusa i3 Bearing Kit is a collection of all of the different bearings that you will need to keep your Prusa i3 3D Printer up and running, and in good working order. With so many different moving parts in 3D Printer Machines, bearings tend to wear over time as the printers are used.

Fortunately, bearings like these are designed to take the brunt of the wear and tear, and are both affordable and easy to replace when compared to many of the other parts within the system. As such, this kit includes all of the Bearings aside from the three 608zz Bearings used in the extruder, making it a valuable yet inexpensive investment for anyone who owns a Prusa i3 printer or similar variation.

*Please note that this kit does not include the 3x 608zz bearings required for the extruder.


Our Prusa i3 Bearing Kit Includes:

  • LM8UU Bearings

– 11                                                                  

  • F624ZZ Flanged Bearings

– 4


Typical Applications for the Prusa i3 Bearing Kit:

The Prusa i3 Bearing Kit is stocked as a spares package for owners of Prusa i3 variations of 3D printers, as the bearings of machines like these are more often than not the first parts to wear down. Fortunately, they are also the least expensive parts in such a machine, and are relatively simple and cost-effective parts to replace when compared to the parts that they support.

This pack includes 11 x LM8UU Bearings and 4 x F624ZZ Flanged Bearings, ensuring that you can simply include this kit in the same order as your Prusa i3 printer and not have to worry about having to source these parts when they inevitably wear down over time.


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