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1.45mm Tungsten Carbide PCB Drill



This 1.45mm Tungsten Carbide PCB Drill is the ideal solution for making small 0.7mm holes on PC-Boards, as well as or for unclogging 3D printer nozzles.

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Tungsten is a very strong metal that is most popularly known for its use in old light bulbs, but what many people don’t know is that Tungsten can also be a very impressive metal for cutting and drilling too. This is demonstrated with tools like these 1.45mm Tungsten PCB Drills, which are incredibly effective at drilling through plastics and other materials like PC board for making mounting holes, fitting through-hole Electronic Components, or simply trimming down edges and neatening up PCB designs. And while these drills are quite brittle when exposed to sideways forces, with the most common damage caused by drops from desk-heights, they offer very high strength and effective drilling capabilities when used in the way they’re designed for.

In addition to drilling PCB’s, our customers also commonly use our Range of Tungsten Drills for cleaning out and unclogging 3D Printer Nozzles as well. And while we were originally quite reluctant to recommend our drills for this use, after some workshop testing we found that they are actually amazing little tools for 3D Printers, to help remove blockages from nozzles with extremely small output diameters. And because they come in a wide range of sizes from as small as 0.2mm to as large as 2mm, they accommodate all of the different nozzles from 0.35mm all the way up to the large 2mm nozzles.

Please Note: Tungsten PCB Drills are supplied with plastic rings of a variety of colours. In your order, the plastic ring on this 1.45mm Tungsten Drill may vary in colour from the product image, and it is possible to receive various colours in an order with more than one drill.


1.45mm Tungsten Carbide PCB Drill  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Drill Bit Diameter

– 1.45mm

  • Drill Bit Material

– Tungsten Carbide                                

  • Nozzle Compatibility

Large 1.5mm Nozzle


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1.45mm Tungsten Carbide PCB Drill

1.45mm Tungsten Carbide PCB Drill