TL-Smoother Plus - Stepper Filter Module Expand

TL-Smoother Plus - Stepper Filter Module



This clever little addon module filters stepper commands and removes the excess energy build up with flyback diodes for smoother and safer stepping.

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3D Printing is one of the most exciting hobbies for people who love to make things, as it’s a beautiful culmination of almost all of the different fields of engineering, from electrical to mechanical and even chemical engineering as well. And despite how complex most 3D Printers seem to be from an outside perspective, once you go into the inner workings it gets a lot more complicated, with these TL-Smoother Plus Stepper Filter Modules being an excellent example of just how complex it can get.

These simple but very cleverly-designed modules are built with flyback or “freewheeling” diodes, in order to filter out induction voltages and feedback so as to smoothen the electrical signal waves for smoother acceleration, movement and stopping times. In 3D Printing, this can make a big difference in the quality of prints produced, as it ensures the Stepper Drivers and motors always deliver the exact electrical signals, and in turn mechanical movements, that you’re expecting – resulting in prints that look and feel great without any signs of motor jerking or the common “Salmon Skin” problem.

Please Note: If you are currently using Trinamic Drivers with SpreadCycle, or are considering upgrading to such drivers, then these TL-Smoothers may not offer the big benefit you're expecting. This is because Trinamic's patented SpreadCycle performs a very similar (albeit more efficient) smoothing/filtering process, with extra features like stealthChop that also assist in this regard.


TL-Smoother Plus: Stepper Filter Module  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Number of Flyback Diodes

– 8

  • Stepper Driver Compatibility

– DRV8825 Drivers

– A4988 Drivers

  • Included Cable

– 4-Pin Female to 4-Pin Female

  • Mounting Points

– Ø2.3mm Hole on Each Corner

  • Diode: Model Number

– S3M : Surface Mount Flyback Diode                              

  • Diode: DC Blocking Voltage (VR)

– 1000V

  • Diode: RMS Reverse Voltage (VRMS)

– 700V

  • Diode: Average Rectified Output Current

– 3A @ TT = +75°C

  • Module Dimensions

– Approx. 50 x 25mm


Typical Applications for TL-Smoother Plus - Stepper Filter Module:

These TL-Smoother Stepper Filter Modules are designed and built specifically for 3D printing, and have been stocked to help you improve the quality of your prints by ensuring that all the electrical signals are coherent, evenly spread and consistent throughout each wave cycle. They fit between the stepper drivers and the Stepper Motors, where they help reduce feedback and inductive charges with flyback diodes.


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TL-Smoother Plus - Stepper Filter Module

TL-Smoother Plus - Stepper Filter Module