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TMC2130 V1.1 Stepper Driver



These TMC2130 V1.1 Stepper Drivers offer high efficiency noiseless operations at variable loads, with a full complement of extra features too!

1.2A Phase Current RMS | Step/Dir | SPI Interface | Microstep Table | Stall Detection | Short Detection

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3D Printers are great toys tools for experimenting, playing with and building novel or practical items, and are particularly good for prototyping without having to invest in excessively expensive blow-moulding services or other advanced manufacturing techniques. However, they can be quite noisy at times, and some users even place their 3D Printers in their garages or external structures to avoid this noise. This is why we know you’re going to be excited at the addition of these TMC2130 V1.1 Stepper Drivers to our catalogue, which offer high efficiency noiseless operations, as well as a plethora of other benefits that many people wouldn’t even realise without doing some research.

These Stepper Drivers are designed for high precision stepper motor control, and have become quite famous for their “UltraSilent” operations compared to the sometimes loud squeaks, buzzes and whirrs that often come out of drivers like the A4988 and DRV8825 Modules. And while their main feature is that they are nearly silent during operation, they also offer a few really exciting features that go by the names of SpreadCycle, CoolStep, StallGuard and DcStep – all patented by Trinamic, the manufacturers of these TMC drivers.


TMC2130 V1.1 Stepper Driver  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Motor Input Voltage

– 4.75V to 46V DC                                     

  • Logic Interface Voltage

– 3V to 5V DC

  • Voltage Regulator

– Built-In

  • Interface

– Step/Dir or SPI

  • Configuration

– CFG Pins or SPI

  • Native Microsteps

– Up to 1/256


Onboard MicroPlyer  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Motor Voltage (VM)

– 5.5V to 46V

  • Logic Voltage (VIO)

– 3V to 5V

  • Motor Phase Current                                          

– 1.2A RMS / 2.5A Peak

  • RDS(on)

– ≥0.5Ω

  • StealthChop

– Yes : Ultra-Low Noise Operation

  • SpreadCycle

– Yes : 1/256 Interpolation

  • StallGuard

– Yes : Automatic High Load Stall to Maintain Step Accuracy

  • CoolStep

– Yes : Dynamic Current Dependent on Motor Load

  • DcStep

– Yes : Variable Speed Adjustments According to Load Resistance


Exploring the Features of the TMC2130 V1.1 Stepper Driver:

These TMC2130 V1.1 Stepper Drivers from Trinamic offer a good range of features and “Stepping Modes” to accommodate the various applications that the drivers can be used for. The first, of course, is “StealthChop”, which is designed for low-velocity stepping, and operates with as little noise as possible. This makes the StealthChop mode ideal for prints that you can afford to take your time on, although it may not be the best option if you’re strapped for time. But let’s explore some of the other features that make these drivers even more valuable:

  • SpreadCycle: This is a clever mode that is particularly effective in high load situations, as it spreads the current drive into four stages. This helps to smooth out the steps and eliminate skipped steps, but comes at the cost of higher noise levels – although the driver can in fact switch between StealthChop and SpreadCycle as necessary when set up in Hybrid Mode, offering the best of both worlds.
  • StallGuard: This fantastic feature is designed to stop the motor if the load becomes too great, and this can even be programmed into Marlin in order for you to set your own criteria to ensure minimal motor or driver damage. This is excellent for applications with variable loads, but can also be used in unique and very clever ways. One such way is to use this feature is to utilise the automatic limiter in place of physical or inductive end stops on 3D printers, removing some of the complexity of the machine and reducing overall wear and tear on the system.
  • CoolStep: This “Cool” feature, compared to standard operations, utilises variable current ratings depending on the load resistance, so as to reduce overall power consumption at low loads while allowing for peak current throughput when the load resistance gets high. The only setback of this feature is that it tends to use more power when the load resistance is high, making the feature excellent for short bursts or inconsistent stop/start operations, but it may be less efficient if the motor is constantly running at high loads.
  • DcStep: This final extra feature that has been squeezed onto the module caters to the common problem of missed steps during overload situations, which many other drivers fall victim to. It achieves this by slowing down the motor when it’s presented with an overload situation, and whilst many other drivers would simply try to pick up on the steps following the missed steps, this driver slows the speed so that it can maintain precision step accuracy throughout. A bonus of this feature is that it also allows for auto-ramping and max-speed motor rotation in actual load situations, without you having to carefully calculate exactly how fast it can go before it begins to miss steps.


So as you can see, this little yet surprisingly versatile TMC2130 V1.1 Stepper Driver offers an endless amount of value, with amazing applications in more than just 3D Printing. And with multiple different modes of operations, as well as a unique hybrid mode that offers the best of both worlds, you can rest assured that these driver modules will offer more than just a few benefits.


TMC2130 - Datasheet

Datasheet for SilentStepStick TMC2130 Stepper Driver

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TMC2130 V1.1 Stepper Driver

TMC2130 V1.1 Stepper Driver