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MKS TB6600 External Stepper Motor Driver



The MKS TB6600 Stepper Driver is designed to work in conjunction with the MKS CD V1.0, to allow for safe, high power external drivers in 3D Printing.

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When working with motors and the various types available to Makers, it’s easy to see why Stepper Motors are often the prime choice when it comes to low speeds, high torque and high precision within a relatively constrained system. However, this high torque and precision comes at somewhat of a cost, as they are not quite as simple as DC Motors, and steppers actually require a driver to tell them precisely how to operate – with many applications such as 3D Printing requiring multiple motors and a stepper driver for each one.

These MKS TB6600 External Stepper Motor Drivers are awesome Driver Modules that are designed with 3D Printing in mind, but are built to operate externally, without being plugged into the top of the Controller Board like many of the other drivers that you probably already know. Although these TB6600 External Drivers operate in a very similar way to common drivers like the A4988 and DRV8825, they are built to offer some serious power, with current driving capabilities from 0.2A up to a whopping 5A. This means that you will have more than enough power for even the beefiest of 3D Printing stepper motors, all while being optically isolated and safe via the MakerBase MKS CD V1.0 External Driver Interfacing Module.

If you’re looking for some serious driving power for your stepper motors, whether for 3D Printing, cinematography or almost any other application, these TB6600 External Stepper Driver Modules are a solid choice that won’t let you down.


MKS TB6600 External Stepper Motor Driver  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Input Voltage

– 8V to 45V DC                                                                   

  • Operating Voltage

– Up to 50V DC

  • Input Current

– 0.2A to 5.1A

  • Driving Current

– 4.5A Typical | 5A Peak

  • Selectable Excitation Modes

– 1/1 ; 1/2 ; 1/4 ; 1/8 ; 1/16 Step

  • Additional Protection Features

– Thermal Shutdown (TSD) Protection

– Under-Voltage Lockout (UVLO) Protection

– Over-Current Detection (ISD)

– Reverse Connection Protection

  • Safe Operating Temperatures

– -10° to +45°C

  • Interfacing Module Compatibility

MKS CD V1.0 Driver Interfacing Module

  • Dimensions

– 81 x 50mm


MKS TB6600 External Stepper Driver  -  Pin/Port Mapping:

  • 8-45V                                     

– 8V to 45V DC Power Input

  • 2A 2B

– Phase Control One for Stepping Motor 

  • 1A 1B

– Phase Control Two for Stepping Motor

  • EN

– Stepping Enable Signal (On/Off Mode)

  • DIR

– Step Direction Signal

  • CLK

– Step Pulse Signal

  • GND

– Step Signal Ground


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MKS TB6600 External Stepper Motor Driver

MKS TB6600 External Stepper Motor Driver